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Africa Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Oluseyi Harold, Nigeria Sep 6, 2008
Culture , Human Rights , Health   Poetry


Is there a way out of poverty for us in Africa?
Will there ever be a day:

When our stomachs will no longer be our master,
When black will truly be a sign of beauty and darkness our enemy,
When life will no longer be pain and discomfort and survival will be far from torture?

When the horizon will no longer show woe, murder and corruption, but bliss,
When the brain drain will become a brain gain,
When my neighbour will not seek my life because I’m one goat richer,
When blacks will see black as a sign of unity and a common goal to achieve?

When native will become home and foreign will become alien,
When the peak of knowledge would no longer be secret but open,
When wealth can be measured comparably with wealth?

Sincerely, I don’t know when that time will come for us in Africa.



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Writer Profile
Oluseyi Harold

I'm a clinical student in a leading Medical College in Nigeria

Andrea Arzaba | Oct 28th, 2008
I hope it comes soon! best wishes

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