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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
A Heart's Weeping Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Iman Ng, United States Sep 1, 2008
Health   Poetry


Yesterday was the day
That was again dismay,
Once more I was let down
By an unrespectable clown,
Who thinks he is master of it all
But is jack of all trades none more.

I tire myself from thinking
That thou shall give me a wincing,
I tire myself from fretting
That thou shall me be forgetting.
I tire myself from expressing
That thou art tired of me being.

I have made myself clear
That life must be without fear,
I have made myself pure,
That my soul will in it find a cure.
I have made myself known,
That l shall shed my nightgown;
The nightgown of ignorance
That gives me no clearance;
The stupidity of obsessions
That gives me lacerations,
From my perturbed thoughts
Which from them I untie knots.
The everlasting value of friendships,
My passport for a second citizenship
To the depths of consciousness
Stirs up my ineffable sadness
Stirs up my nostalgia
Stirs up my longing
Stirs up my compassion.

And tomorrow will be better.



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Writer Profile
Iman Ng

I was born in Hong Kong on June 13th, 1989. Having lived in this Asian metropolis for 13 years and witnessed its transfer of sovereignty from Britain to the PRC, I developed my critical thinking skills about governance and international relations from these life-changing events.

My educational experience is undoubtedly one of the more interesting aspects of my life. I was brought up in a Cantonese-speaking environment and began my formal English instruction in 1996. After 1997, however, my school ceased using English as the medium of instruction and instituted Mandarin as the former's replacement in situ. I did not learn English formally (though I did study English privately for 4 years) until 2001 when I started my 7th Grade education at a Catholic-Jesuit secondary school.

In April 2002 my family decided to immigrate to the United States, after my father had almost lost his job. It was the only choice my family had, given how woeful the economy had been at that time. With great reluctance we left Hong Kong in July 2002, and settled in Rockville, Maryland, USA, where I have been living ever since.

One of my greatest passions is International Politics. I would like to learn more about the human condition and the state of the world today; we are intrinsically born into this Westphalian state system and there's no way to escape it, given how rampant globalization is and how constantly it is affecting our lives on a daily basis.
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