by sidney
Published on: Nov 7, 2003
Type: Poetry

I told everyone that I would complete this mind-field of a task
Even if it was at my own peril
I have not chosen that path of least resistance
But instead dive into unknown territory without any compass
Fear pumps through my veins destroying vital assets
The brain slowly shuts down and decision-making is not well though out
Logic, objectivity and zeal is slipping away
I am watching myself still pushing forward senselessly
Like a rabbit animals unaware of its lethal wounds
I still forge ahead to do battle

Where does this deadly drive to continue originate?
I see this treacherous journey in front of me
My path furnished with bodies of previous free thinkers
But yet this feeling compels me to move on
I maneuver threw this grave yard of human spirits
That was poison with ill will, negativity and toxic venom of hate
Apprehensive about looking in their faces
For their eyes might reveal my fate
My fallen comrades devoid of all individuality
Reduce to mindless sheep
Control by the rotating populist

But yet I ignore my fear and digress
Looking at eyes with broken spirits I had and epiphany
I realized why I choose to take this road less traveled
Not to conform to ever changing norms of a few people
Not to fuel their narcissism and become a follower
I don’t want fear to guide my decision-making
Haunted about what others may think
It all leads to maintaining my individuality
The ability to feel and think with a liberated spirit
Helps sustain life and fuel its growth
Not being able to express my thoughts and ideas
Is an automatic death sentence to me?
So I have to be aware and on guard at all times
That a part of me is not slipping away to the masses
For the enemy is a chameleon constantly shifting?
And constantly plotting my downfall

So I continue this noble quest
To challenge the status quo
Breathe life into the walking corpses
Unmask the hypocrisy of society
And pull the rug from underneath false gods
For doing these things maintain my individuality

A mantra is devise as a reminder why I fight
Never to be domesticated to the dogma of others
Always be wild and uninhabited when it comes to thinking
Don’t be afraid to trust the heart more than the brain
For everything that same logical is not always right

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