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Update on the status of Portugal Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Miguel Ângelo, Portugal Feb 4, 2002
Human Rights   Opinions


Well, I gave a little introduction and manifested my preocupation on the situation of my country on a political basis.

Now I want to share the way people are acting and what is happening here...

The European Union alerted our government about our economic situation, "we" instead of replying with humility to the warning... No, the Economic Minister said that everything is fine with the economic situation of the country. Next day a statistic was published relating that the country is entering a state of economic crisis...

Many industries are breaking, generating unemployment, and social discontent or industries that aren't breaking just keep lowering the workers salaries.

Our salaries compared to those in the European Union are shameless and the prices are just too high compared to what a person earns per month.

For example, in Spain the basic salary is at 120.000$00, here in Portugal is at 67.000$00, and a Big Mac in Spain costs 600$00, here it costs 700$00. (Portuguese Currency) Take this small example and make it out yourselves.

I'll relate to other things later... Thanks out there...



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Miguel Ângelo

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