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An Unreal Life Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Vanessa DCosta, India Nov 1, 2003
Child & Youth Rights   Poetry


Every night the clock strikes 12
Her eyes closed tight
The days on goings lost and dwelt
Resisting the impossible fight
The fight of reality and dreams.
Longing for her dreams to last
To leave her smiling when morning comes
Searching for a future, forgetting the past
A little different from the day.
She believes in life of dreams
Sleeping awake always
Wishing not to end with screams
But she knows it will end someday.
She'd give up the world but not blend
For the life she desires
New beginnings with no end
And alone she will face the fires.
The fire that will lurk her day in and out
The fact that dreams are dreams
Crying for there is, with no doubt
That life is a dream unfulfilled.



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Vanessa DCosta

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I agree
Kristin | Nov 4th, 2003
Vanessa in this poem has told us about this girl that has trouble sleeping at night and she is scared off all the bad scenes she sees from the dreams and how she wants them too all stop. In the poem it says "Wishing not to end with screems" it is also saying that that her dreams are usually bad ones and that someday she would have a dream with no scenes that would offend her and maybe that once she would have a dream that would have no screaming in it for one time. That one of her dreams would end peacefully. In this poem my overall feedback is that sometimes it is hard to try to take away bad dreams.

Sally | Nov 7th, 2003
Krissy12...from what I read from this poem I received a different conviction. I surmise that this girl is hoping to stay in her dreams rather then run away from them. I think I comprehend what is being said here and agree with you. This is showing youth are frightened to face reality sometimes, because in reality not everything goes as we plan it to. Reality is difficult and to some people who think lowly of life, everything seems to be against them in reality. Dreams are quite different, all thoughts of that person dreaming comes together and that's one place where all their wishes come true. While in reality nothing comes true so easily. This is also telling me youth nowadays want to hide from the truth, even when they are awake they dream. I like the message being said too, how everyone should look in the future instead of in the past. What's done is done and we should always move forward and not back. I also agree with the line *But she knows it will end someday. * Because nothing lasts eternally especially dreams, they are only fantasies of one's thoughts. Sooner or later the person has to face the truth, reality. Like the poem mentioned...dreams are dreams and nothing more. It's reality that makes a difference and not what we hope for. I admire how deep this poem is and I feel it can relate to me in many ways considering I

I loved it!!
dreamscoper | Nov 27th, 2003
Poetry is a feeling.. and I will not criticize your piece... But I will say, being a poet myself that it is a very beautiful poem, it leaves a feeling inside that i am able to relate to... is the poem about you??

from antoinette
antoinette fufana | Dec 5th, 2003
I am Mrs. Antoinette fufana from Bouak

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