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I want to go (6 July 2008) Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Playshis (aka Plattious the poet), Namibia Aug 14, 2008
Culture , Human Rights  


I tried so hard to stay strong and I tried to carry on,
I tried so hard to stay solid even though I was torn.
I tried so hard to fight the tears and to fight my fears,
I tried so hard to give my all during these last few years.
My heart is filled with sorrow and grief, surrounded by sadness.
It's so hard to keep my sanity in the midst of all this madness.
I have no energy left, I don't see why I have to play this role out,
Everybody has something to say about things they don’t know about.

I tried to keep it real with my homies, but I don’t get back the same,
I've discovered so many phonies who we're just acting without shame.
I can't look at my mother without feeling a tear coming,
I don't know what to do when her tears begin to start running,
I want to go talk to her but the One in the Black Cloak is there,
I fear him deeply so I stay where I am and sadly just stare.
My lack of strength to comfort may make it seem like I don’t care,
But the truth is that I'm struggling to make it through this grimly scare.

I do not understand why everything is suddenly falling down,
I cannot stand it anymore; I just cannot see any hope around.
What is the purpose of Man's suffering throughout day and night?
When at the end of the long dark tunnel, you don't see any light.
I've lost my way, my soul is broken and my heart is cold,
I see no better days approaching, it makes me want to go.
I tried so hard to get away from the pain and I tried to break free,
But Life has a hold on me; it has me trapped in a cage of misery.

Dear Lord can You see me? Can You feel the pain of Man?
Won't You please rescue me? God won't You take my hand?



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Writer Profile
Playshis (aka Plattious the poet)

I'm Ryno Julio Platt. On the Spoken Word stage I'm known as Playshis. I write about life.

R Kahendi | Oct 26th, 2008
This is a heart-wrenching poem.

I second...
Emperor Omorogiuwa Edionseri | Feb 2nd, 2009
...Oburra's motion!

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