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Individuals can make a difference Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by elizabeth, Kenya Aug 11, 2008
Health   Opinions


Individuals can make a difference The recent report on HIV/AIDS released in Kenya was a damning report more so showing that AIDS cases were at an upward trend. Of course the sad thing that always comes out whenever these reports are released is that the most affected group is the youth. It is indeed sad that with increased awareness of this killer disease, we as youth continue exposing ourselves to the risk of contracting the disease.

I have a friend who does not care how many men she sleeps with...her excuse? She always uses protection. I implore us the youth to stop hurting ourselves. Sleeping with multiple partners even has a high risk of exposing girls to cervix cancer. It’s as dangerous as that, not to mention the fact that we kill our inner being so much that we are left empty from the inside.

Through the years, I have learnt that the only way to fight AIDS is to have self love. If I love myself as well as I should, I will not go around sleeping with so many people around with the aim of having fun. If I love myself as much, I will know that I need to take care of myself as much as I should, this includes guarding myself from all kinds of things that can harm my body.

Of course sex will always be there and there will always be people to play it. If you make up your mind to do it, you will go ahead no matter what. But, do you take time aside, alone, and ask yourself if it is what your heart wants. Do you always ensure that it should not be reason to hate and hurt yourself?

Sex as we all know, is something very beautiful and if only to use a cliché, ‘always beautiful at the right time and with the right person.’

It doesn’t matter if one billion people continue having meaningless sex; this does not mean that you too must have it. It means that you as an individual can decide to make a difference by not choosing to use sex as your way of destruction. It means that you can choose to bring change around you by deciding to change your attitudes concerning sex.



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I generally love writing People Stories and commenting on general society issues

david mbitu | Sep 17th, 2008
wow! nice article and very educative... wish it would have great audience so that others may learn from the same.. hope to read more of your work and keep it up..

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