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White Privilege Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by keesa, United States Oct 29, 2003
Human Rights   Opinions


I tuned to the news that was told to me by one of the 90% of newscasters who are white, talking about the axis of evil that does not look like me, being killed by the 30% of American infantry who are of color, who are taking orders by the 93% of officers who are white, who are responding to the commands of the US administration who are mostly white. They were talking about profiling people of color, which causes African American people to make up 48% of people in jail serving sentences that are on average 47% longer than Caucasians for committing the same crime, even though white people commit a significant majority of crime in America.

I then took a shower where I used shampoo that worked for my hair, easily purchased for a low price, and put on my made-by-dark-people-in-sweatshops-in-Taiwan clothes that were fashioned for people with my body shape, and followed that up by putting on makeup that was easily purchased to match my skin tones.

Then, I decided not to drive the car I received from a legacy of benefits my white family has received for centuries, filled with gas being stolen from someone-darker-than-me’s sand, which, when I drive I do not need to fear being unjustly pulled over, forced to get out of my car, and padded down on the side of the road, in the rain, in my business suit, although I see it happen during every road trip I undertake to people of color.

I got to class, and sat down in a room of mostly white people, in a class taught by a white teacher, where I was told of all of the contributions white people have made, in a room where I will not be singled out to speak for all white people, nor will my correct answers be ignored because people have been taught that folk of my race are innately unintelligent, something which I have seen frequently happen to my classmates of color.

I was then late for a meeting with my white advisor, but this tardiness was not reinforcing stereotypes of my race. We discussed my future which is unlimited because I do not need to worry that I will not receive a job because I am white, I do not need to worry about difficulty renting to someone based on my race, nor will I need to worry about being victimized, harassed, or unwanted in my neighborhood because of my race. Which is something that happens to professors of color all of the time. In the future I can safely raise my children without needing to talk to them about why people hate them because of their race, nor will I need to worry that they will not be accepted by their teachers and peers, and I am guaranteed that they will be pushed to their highest potential in class. I will also be able to purchase dolls to match the skin tone of my children, books with characters of their skin tones, and Band-Aids to match their skin.
After meeting with my advisor I went to a chapel where I was taught about divine beings that are white, even though they, in reality, came from an area of the world in which people have darker skin than I do.

I then went out for lunch. As I walked to the restaurant with a friend of mine, I was able to safely pull my wallet out of my pocket without fear of having 41 shots fired through my body like Amadu Diallo, one of many black people murdered “accidentally” by white Police officers. At lunch I was able to criticize the government without fearing harassment and danger, and was able to talk about race and racism without having my opinion dismissed or requiring validation from someone of the dominant race. I was able to pick up my food without my order number, sit down, act rowdy while I ate, and leave my garbage on the table, all without it being attributed to my racial makeup. I also used the bathroom that was cleaned by people of color because of a history of oppression in education and employment - people who are assumed to exploit welfare even though a significant number of people on welfare are white.

It is only 12:00. And people tell me white privilege doesn’t exist.



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Lumumba Kgomotso Bahr G | Nov 1st, 2003
kristin yes i agree you are very correct.smal irony is that white privilege is not majority linked.in my country white people suffer and the whole world is crying foul(white people suffer as much as colored people).i am not saying white people must be victimised becaues of color or numbers or history or any reason. but me i am saying those people who have the power to change the world are racist and most of white people are holding on to the white privillege.Me I have seen bad tings happening in mozambique and swaziland countries next to zimbabwe.but international community cares not.Because is not white people suffering in those countries.In Swaziland there is big big starving and big political repression. You know why is not in the news? white privilege. Because white privilege is not tampered wit. But in Zimbabwe,everyone today know where Zimbabwe is because??? White privilege is taken away. White privilege exist. Is 3 o clock and those people are in the news again. White privilege makes me sick and white denial make me sick. Your truth about white privilege give me a small hope. will the world ever change?Minority or majority whites are very bad and greedy,and they hold on to evil power.White privilege is big irony hurts people of color.It is 2003,not 450.Not being white is killing us. How quickly was Kosovo issue resolved? How long is Congo issue hanging? Do yo think if Israel and Palestine positions were opposite (if it was Palestine victimising and oppressing Israel and ocupying against UN),you think international community would not intefered verbally and physically? They call Kofi Annan cheeky darkie and is all right because they cannot be called racists,they cant be condemened as barbaric. Carry on on you racists.God loves us all.White privilege is not good

Wendy Chen | Nov 6th, 2003
I agree with you. I never thought about racism in this world much but, after reading your article, I now know how people treat others differently because of their skin colours. I can never understand why people treat others badly because they’re coloured and I never will understand why. Just because some people are coloured doesn’t make them different from others. They still have parents, brains, legs, arms, and all the things other humans have. Why are they treated differently then? Long ago, coloured people were treated very badly and believed to be lower than whites. They were, like you said abused often because of something they didn’t do. But, thankfully Martin Luther King jr. Stepped into the scene and cleared the scene up with an unforgettable speech. Now, because of the honorable man, racism is less in the world. Still, racism is going on and we should all stop it before the matter gets even worse! So what if some people are different from others! They’re all the same deep inside! No more racism!

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