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Congratulations to Palestinian women in the world today Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Adham Tobail, Palestine Jul 31, 2008
Peace & Conflict , Human Rights   Opinions


Many books have been written about women. This month I felt a duty to write about women in general, and Palestinian prisoners in particular. This is honour of the International Women's Day and Mother's Day. I recognise the status of these days and am glad to however simply to highlighting the image of Palestinian women.

Palestinian women have realized that an early exit from the bondage of society can be achieved only by salvation from the bondage of occupation and by the liberation of their homeland from the occupier. This has led to the Palestinian women’s struggle’s concern with the men who have been denied liberation of the country.

Women have participated actively in the national struggle through Palestinian history. In 1921 the first Palestinian women’s union was established by Melia Sakakini and Zlikha Shihabi. They were against the British Mandate and stood in the face of Zionist settlement. In a subsequent period, the Arab Women’s Association was formed at the Palestine Arab Women's Congress held in Jerusalem in the month of October 1929. It was attended by 300 Arab women.

History will not forget Palestinian women because they have inspired glory and made history. The world should respect the struggle and suffering of Palestinian women, recognizing their personal sacrifices made in their hope for a homeland and for the dignity of their children. Every tribute to the Palestinian woman on her ‘birthday’.

Women’s struggles and patience have been great, including deprivation and limited access to education. The same is true for Palestinian women. Without the slightest doubt we all have to offer congratulations to today’s women. The celebration of the International Women’s Day is, in this spirit, extended to the women of the world; believers in democracy, equality and justice for all greet this occasion.

I extend bouquets of roses and love to the Palestinian woman, who has made her sons feel like the sons of Kings, and has worked for the betterment of the homeland like a Queen. Women have worked in industries. During the Intifada, the Palestinian flag was provocative to the occupation. At the time, Palestinian women were among those who provided initial treatment to the wounded. Some died.

It is not reasonable that we celebrate women only on the eighth day of March every year. We should commemorate women on each day of the year, including today. The modern man should join women in solidarity with them, and work to support women's rights. There should be shared goals among men and women. Palestine is facing a number of changes, including the formation of a Palestinian Government. Would it be reasonable to expect that women will only participate in the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and no other? The proportion of the general budget allocated to issues affecting women should be increased.

Once more, I congratulate all women as well as the Palestinian women's struggle and their progress in educating the nation and bringing it closer to liberation.



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Writer Profile
Adham Tobail

I believe in freedom and democracy, the basis for the success of people. Young people are unable to work and change the political, social and economical issues.

Youth must begin to work and try several times to win the honor first. Experiment has been successful, experience in change.

I hope in a world of safety and intercultural dialogue and peace.
I hope to open a new page of development and hard work among young people of all cultures. Participation is the solution to all judges. Let's start together for the world access to
defend human rights in the world. Political freedoms and democracy is the goal--dreams that the community continues to safety, love and peace. Good upbringing of young people must rely on debate and dialogue and harmony between peoples of the world.

There is no room for war and the violation of human dignity.
Youth movement in the hands of change in the world--young people must Inmtlkua skills debate, dialogue and persuasion, justice of the various.

Rana | Aug 18th, 2008
congratulations to the women of the world

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