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Arise and shine Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Daniel N Thomas, Liberia Jul 27, 2008
Culture , Human Rights   Poetry


Beaten by hardship you slept in tears.
Burdened by labor you hoisted your strength.
Abandoned by friends,
rejected by families
yet you weathered the storm.
They shut their doors and barred their windows.
Oh what a time it was when you sat upon their shoulders,
no comments they made b'cus the fame was yours alone.
History's left and your are dashed,
trampled upon like sand awaiting death in agony.
This i say is not your end,I decide your fate.
Arise and shine for gone are the days you wept, hungered,suffered and deserted like Job my son.
Look beyond and smile for all things are new.
Hate them not that condemned you.
Arise son, arise to fall no more for all is written down in the pages of life.
Arise and shine.



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Writer Profile
Daniel N Thomas

I am Nuxe Daniel Thomas, a Liberian, age 28, and a practicing writer. I am the founder and president of the Sustainable Program for the Education and Ability of Kids (SPEAK).

I am also a student of the Stella Maris Polytechnic institution and a practicing architect by profession.

I love writing and inspiring others in times of great worries. I have written several poems, essays and a pending book entitled “The Agonies of a Child.” This book is based upon my experience as a child in my family circle and in the civil war that lasted for more than a decade in our country.

I love and respect the views of others.
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