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Mobile Communication (case for Tex2+) Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Gachara Irura, South Africa Jul 26, 2008
Technology , Human Rights   Opinions


Globally, different wireless platforms, key related software languages and protocols have assembled a complete set of powerful and proven wireless solutions and services. These are put in use on a daily basis by customers across the globe via hand held devices such as Cell phones and PDAs.

Messaging via GSM network providers has remained the preserve of SMS – technology. Worldwide, most of this implementation is based on USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) gateways, a data bearer native to GSM networks, that integrates seamlessly into any network and 3rd party applications.Unfortunately, SMS messaging – information/service requests & text messaging - is expensive. This cost is usually borne by the GSM subscribers.

The Tex2+ project essentially offers a free way of communication between peers who download Tex2+. The user logs on to a wap site, registers and downloads the software free to begin messaging. This can be done online on our website or wap site after an invitation is received from a registered user.

The primary objective of the project aims at “Building communities using peer-to-peer system in invitations between mobiles.” Other objectives are: Providing accessible and portable messaging, Promote user-friendly messaging, Cheap messaging solution; Worldwide connectivity (a global family of users worldwide – over 1 million users todate), Convenience - timely alerts of incoming email; ONE application that solves ALL messaging needs (email, Tex2+, SMS), Security in communication.

The Tex2+ mobile phone application downloadable on all data enabled phones.
The application is built on Java technology; like a game. The core messaging application includes these features:
o Sending unlimited messages to other tex2ers for around 5cents each (Kenya) (costs levied by GSM providers), 2-3 pence UK.
o Send and receive tex2+ messages from your PC
o Send and receive emails on your phone, hassle-free, ie. Turn your mobile into a mini-blackberry with e-mail functionality.
o Send cheap SMS's to any phone, anywhere in the world
o Alerts you that you have a new message
o With Tex2+, you can also invite friends.

All the above features are absolutely free! There simply isn’t any catch. Because Tex2+ was an invention to save you money. There are no subscriptions, no commitment, and no personal details to give.

After downloading, some phones put the application in the "Games" sub-menu. Others will have dedicated areas: Nokia "Collection", Sony-Ericsson "Applications" etc.

Tex2+ works on virtually all networks (Presently in use in networks in the UK, South Africa, Kenya, Indonesia, among others...). It's currently being used in more than 68 countries.

ANY data enabled mobile phone that can access the net via subscriber GPRS settings (less than 5 years old). Users just activate their handset and SIM card, which is free for both GSM providers in Kenya and many providers around the world.

Who can use Tex2+?
Tex2+ realizes the potential for socio-economic growth by bridging the digital divide in Africa. By positioning the service in this way, we would like many more users to be realized and in a beneficial way. It is not elitist. To the contrary, it belongs to the masses (you and me) – including the rural areas. Desktop computers and conventional internet access is expensive. But it is powerful for the average person to now send and receive email to family and friends (once they activate GPRS settings for FREE).

In addition, mobile phones are more accessible and becoming cheaper for majority of users in Africa (Kenya). We are part of the development an entirely new way of messaging. This has the potential to also bridge the digital divide to diverse users from differing backgrounds - many of who cannot afford Personal Computers or Internet connection.

Our near goal is to realize users of Tex2+; adding value to their lives or their business by cutting their messaging costs –in an appealing and innovative way.

In this must-read book “The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid” (Wharton School Publishing – C. K. Prahalad; for those interested further) that in India alone they have about 30 million handsets; and this is growing at about 1.5 million handsets per month. In Brazil they have between 35 to 40 million handsets. Imagine the existing doors for dialogue; Tex2+ is about sharing ideas, talking and building communities. Ideas are powerful. Hence if you haven’t caught on to the Orange, we invite you to try it out by signing up (www.tex2me.com/ke) or accept an invite today; or simply just giving feedback. Inasmuch as we value innovation, feedback will be important in taking this project to rural populations of the world.



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Writer Profile
Gachara Irura

I'm Gachara Irura. I'm a 25 year old Kenyan - just completed University and I'm presently working at a Microfinance-institution in Nairobi, Kenya.

I have two passions: music, and computers, in that order. My profession is within the ICT industry (studied computer science), but I've heard ICT is not a profession as such...

I'm interested in seeing SME's, especially in the developing world, earn the respect they deserve in driving development within the economy. Financial empowerment also plays a role in democracy. I hope this can be realized in my lifetime :-).

I enjoy movies, reading and, of course, listening to music!
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