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The Cruelity of the life we live...... Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Terri, Kenya Jul 16, 2008
Human Rights   Opinions


The Cruelity of the life we live...... I always sit and wonder why the world is just an unfair place…then something hits me; we were all born on a different day, time and way.

Some were born in the rural areas where even the talk of a dispensary is like a dream hence it is never mentioned, others while, their mothers struggled to rush to the hospitals only to realize that the baby was to anxious to stay in the womb rather than wait for the doctor, hence born somewhere maybe along the road, near a forest or maybe just outside the hospital gate! Many were born in the hands of careful midwives either in the village, estate or hospital while those who were lucky even got a gynaecologist, a paediatrician, a nurse and better still their husband to be with them when they went through the-not-so-easy to describe moment.

All in all even in real life we have got classes of people who are poor. Poor in the sense that that no matter what they do they will still end up sleeping under some cold, unhealthy conditions that are only a sorry state to the ears of many. Others make do with perhaps one unhealthy just a survival meal, others take two while others have all three square meals maybe with a struggle but they still do.

The irony is when some are having this kind of life there is somebody somewhere either trying to lose some weight due to overfeeding and taking plenty of junk food and stuffing that could help a needy family somewhere for a whole week! It is amazing how they will even refuse to eat and not willing to share that meal with someone who may have slept hungry all in the name of keeping in shape or losing some weight.

Imagine this scenario, if there are some people trying to cut some weight by refusing to eat and all these people decided that that food will be shared to those that sleep hungry? If all those people who built big houses enough to host a whole village back at home, would build s house enough for just them and perhaps if touched built some houses for those that sleep out in the cold? If those who buy expensive cars could perhaps buy a cheaper more environmental friendly vehicle so that the money could be used to subsidize transport for the poor people?

I know some of us reading these are thinking she is crazy but just try to imagine. The problem with us is that we are so full of ourselves that we cannot even almost think of helping that person who is our neighbour and we have no idea of what his/ her name is? We cannot, at any one point, imagine how on earth we are going to share our hard earned wealth with those we think do not deserve?
We know that we have to use money to get money these days and that is not the case when we share knowing there is nothing in there for us.
As much as we would like to reduce poverty, it may be just a waste of time if it does not start with us as individuals. We should be able to accommodate the people who cannot afford to make ends meet, those that live from hand to mouth…
Can anyone out there hear me?




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Writer Profile

I am a B Sc. Horticulture graduate and have a passion for writing and especially politics but at times my other side takes over the political sides and I do stories about life, just normal life...

Nekesah | Aug 12th, 2008
David, probably we can do an article together sometime?

Adham Tobail | Aug 8th, 2008
its good

david mbitu | Aug 9th, 2008
its very true, I wish i could understand the reasons behind the social stratification, political control and the factors behind the cruelity of life, maybe then we can do something about it.

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