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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Pete's Pavilion Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Mohammed Ahmed-Shaibu, United States Jul 3, 2008
Culture , Human Rights , Education   Poetry


Free from civilization, three hours behind globalization;
Held up in Pete’s pavilion, exploring pure naturalization,
Excited to try out this adventure, pure exploration,
Sleeping here will be fun and enjoyable by all.

Elle’s my savior today, for me to script something out of our…
She’s the fun loving lady with all in her chicks to smile over,
Jackson’s the father of the day, made the fire and caring about all,
The speaker of the day will surely need a crown, can you guess right, Meg!
Derrick’s smooth, laughing at every story…

This weather’s cool, different from all what I’ve experienced,
See the mountains and the cliffs over different shores,
The sun had gone to bed wishing for an interesting evening,
Fire! Keep us warm from shame!

Robyn and Sheldon’s standing tall for all, judging our situation unaware,
Kat’s expensively lovely, with her ideas of camping life and fire,
Never know why Mallory and Shauna are wearing the calm jacket,
Does it look like Amanda’s enjoying the fire … smiling all the way.

Mohammed, always invisible; trying to say nothing to evolve creativity,
The experience in Frost Valley YMCA is none to other, first amongst the best of international camping adventure,
For them are camps but for all is Frost Valley YMCA,
What other experience of natural life do you expect when in Catskill Mountains, Claryville, New York?



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Writer Profile
Mohammed Ahmed-Shaibu

Mohammed Ahmed-Shaibu is a change agent, a writer, a social entrepreneur and a youth advocate who's passion is community development through Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Patriotism and Integrity training. He's the initiator of Youth Leadership Network (YOLEN) an initiative that focuses on Moral Values, Leadership and Integrity and Patriotism.

Adham Tobail | Sep 13th, 2008
its wondrefull adham

Adham Tobail | Sep 13th, 2008
A été remarquable et belle Mais loin de l'impact dévastateur de la mondialisation et de Merci à l'écrivain Adham

Samira Hassan Ahmed | Sep 14th, 2008
Very nice indeed

Thank you
Mohammed Ahmed-Shaibu | Oct 2nd, 2008
I want to thank you guys for encouraging me...Please keep up the good work and never stop beliving

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