by Tamunobarabi Gogo Ibulubo
Published on: Jul 3, 2008
Type: Poetry

We live in an environment.
It shapes our thoughts,
Behaviors and languages.

As we live together
In the society,
We watch each other

Much as we watch nature.
We endeavor to identify
How nature and each of us

Relate to each other.
Then we create habit,
A reflection of what we are.

In our humanity,
Our experiences, concerns,

Pains and challenges,
We are the more similar.

As a writer,
I write not outside
My environment.

I write of what I know
What I see, feel and imagine.
My life and work

Feeds my writings.
For I pour out the stress
To free myself.

To record moments
In beautiful craft.
You may find matching rhymes

In my writing.
Of the abstract
But of the realistic,

Life is my source
Of inspiration.
As God breathes into
The value I create.

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