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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Justice Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by sharon, Jamaica Jun 28, 2008
Human Rights   Poetry


Who are you to speak to me that way?
Who are you to look at me with such disdain?
Where is it written that you are superior?
And who gives you the right to belittle me?

Your hypothesis can get you nowhere.
Your initiative is no example to follow.
Your obnoxious behaviour puts you in a bind.
I will not succumb to your demands.
I am unorthodox to these things.

Don't try to bewilder me either,
Or you’ll have the next thing coming.
I sympathize with your condition
As it's obvious you lack dexterity.
Look within yourself--- you only live to manipulate.

Lift your head out of that fantasy land!
This is the real world.
Life doesn't love us, we have to let it love us.
We're here to stand up for our rights.
Stop being a representative of a paranoid society;
Every man needs to elevate himself from the injustice.



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Writer Profile

I am the average wife, student and mother to three lovely ‘Miss Worlds’ ages 13, 10, and 4 years old. I have always found inner peace by expressing myself in black and white. I am the sensitive type who pours my emotions on paper, as I feel the pen and paper understands me best.

david mbitu | Aug 13th, 2008
you made my day, it really true, nice sharon, that a good poem, hope to read more of your work.

amazing poem
francis dusabe | Aug 30th, 2008
really you are poet. i have loved the way you use the words, but also do care about the rhimes and the foot another day make it a sonnet or a free poem like this anyway its cool, pls write back on jusafasa@yahoo.fr

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