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For our great mother Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by shamirah, Uganda Jun 26, 2008
Culture , Health   Poetry


For our great mother A poem for our dear mother:
You are my inspiration.

Through the years you have proven to be the most inspirational individual.
You are selfless, caring, and encourage us no matter what our journeys and their outcomes.
With your unending support we are sure we will accomplish anything in life;
And we know there is one person we can trust.
You serve as an ultimate example on how we should live our lives.
You have shown us that, with patience and perseverance,
We can forge our dreams and hopes.
You have made us who we are today.

As we grow we learn to experience the realities of life.
Mother, you educate us in all the disciplines of life,
And guide us with your faith, practicality, optimism and humor.
From you, mother, we learn the value of what it is to truly live.
As a result of your lessons, we have become better individuals.
As we hope to create our families, your wisdom trickles down,
Forming a legacy from one generation to the next.

You are our hero, mother.
As a result of you experiencing hard times,
You give birth to us, nurture our bodies and minds,
Lift our souls in good and bad times and give us love.
You show us how to be strong, to live, to be respectful and kind.
You also show us how to survive in this world.

Your are always in our hearts.
Mother, as we grow and mature,
We realize that you are the one constantly guiding us,
And watching whatever we have become wherever we are.
Your care binds us to you inseparably from one lifetime to the next.
Memories created will linger all the way, mother.
You will always remain closest to our hearts;
Never may we be apart with death.

It’s never too late to say thank you, mother.
To simply thank you, mother, never seems enough.
How do we thank someone for giving us life,
For loving us unconditionally and helping us read and do assignments?



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Alaa Almalfouh | Aug 27th, 2008
Perfect words shamirah .Mothers are the precious treasure we have in our lives. Good bless them

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