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Innocent Glaze Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Douchebag, Zimbabwe Oct 17, 2003
Human Rights   Poetry


Too innocent for love
too innocent for life
too innocent to know what is wrong or what is right
Someday will come when the innocence has fleet
The inner voice will come out from beneath
Maturity shall rise and all innocence will leave
As the time passes the innocence will bleed
slowly painful changing to something obscene
If only that innocence could stay and remain within me
But it has departed and what is done is done
the days will lament and the sun will shine on
the devils has arrived but is it right or wrong
Is this new me the me I want to be is
it wrong to want to be the not so innocent me
The blood drips from within waiting to be free
Maturity has won and all is lost it seems
The blood leaks from within till all is drained and cleaned
But deep within the twisted soul lies innocence and dreams...

Why I Wrote This Poem:

People around me always tell me "Is that the mature “adult” thing to do?” Well, no maybe I don’t act like an adult, but acting like an adult isn’t defined as infinite goodness and morality anymore. The preachers of today are more hypocritical and controversial then ever before. All they do is preach and preach to become mature productive members of society. Simple, right? Not exactly. When the media is driving you to become the example product of its manipulating messages, that drugs and sex make the world go round. If they're adults, wouldn't doing those things, make me mature? I was talking to my friend yesterday and the question just came up, do you think you're mature. I paused in thought for a second and then without hesitation responded, I guess. Then my friend said, you never told me you've had sex. At first I was too shocked, to really let in sink in, then I realized, is that what maturity is? Or is that what people want us to be? I don't understand how society expects us to be mature: volunteer, handle situations in a mature "adult" way. Well adults aren't handling their decisions properly, why should we follow in their example? I mean I don't see the maturity in making war with a country, the maturity in having sex, the maturity in a lot of things... I just don’t think that society should criticize us, before realizing that they are the true hypocrites that ignite the problems of today's youth. I mean is it so wrong to be innocent? Society makes it so that it's even harder to tell what's wrong or right, even though people may argue different. So maybe, next time stop preaching of maturity and preach of innocence. Why not preach to act like a kid, maybe even take the advice yourself. To the youth of today and the accepting adults of tomorrow, I hope my poem and what I think might be taken into consideration.



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