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The times we are living Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Juan Manzero, Argentina Jan 11, 2002
Peace & Conflict , Globalization , Human Rights   Opinions


The president resigns. The advisors do the same. Why? Because they realised they weren't good enough? Because they were tired of power? Because they had done everything they could? No. The answer is much more simple: because of the people. Many Argentinians left their houses and joined each other in the streets to make noise with pans, spoons, car horns, or anything they had in hand. Many people went to the 'Casa Rosada', to show the discontent of the people with the economy. To show that they were starving to death, that they couldn't find any jobs. Police? No, they can't beat all the people. Gases? Harder, but not enough. A whole riot team was needed with lots of policemen to clear out a square in front of the government. They reached their goal: a change. For better? For worse? Who knows? Nobody can see what will happen tomorrow, but one thing is for sure: it is the time of the people, the time for real democracy.



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Juan Manzero

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Damian Profeta | Nov 23rd, 2003
No s

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