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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
In the Vanguard of Greed Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Saintmoses Eromosele, Germany May 22, 2008
Peace & Conflict , Culture , Human Rights   Short Stories
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In the Vanguard of Greed SCENE ONE
{A bar. Three young men are sitting in the bar, drinking palm wine and playing draughts. As the lights beam onto the stage, Wole is heard shouting in protest, while the other two roar with laughter.}

WOLE: - {Turning the tables over} I’ve had enough of this stupid game, this idle man’s game! You’ve taken all my money!
KOFI: - {Laughing} If you drank less, you would play better!
HASSAN: - Hey! Kofi, you’ve won all Wole’s money. What about buying us another keg of palm wine?
WOLE: - Good idea! {He turns to the bar man.} Barman, bring us more drink. One glass each, and be quick about it!
BARMAN: - Yes, Oga but… but…
WOLE: - {springing up and seizing the barman by his apron} What do you mean by ‘but-but’? What is the matter with you? Is there some cotton-wool blocking your ears or didn’t you hear what I said?
BARMAN: - Yes, Oga, but… but… you haven’t paid for the last keg yet!
KOFI: - {He throws some Afro notes at the barman who quickly picks them up, arranges and counts them} Here! Take your money. But this my brother here will pay for the new glasses that we now order.
BARMAN: - {He gestures to Kofi for consent and Kofi nods his head in affirmation} You said three glasses, right?
HASSAN: - It is like you have a memory problem.
KOFI: - Three glasses we said. Hurry!
WOLE: - Three full cups or else…
KOFI: - Or else, what?
WOLE: - Nothing. I wasn’t threatening you. It’s the barman.
HASSAN: - {Laughing} Beggars cannot be dictators!
WOLE: - And why do you still stand staring at us like a Zombie?
BARMAN: - I want to take all your orders before I …
WOLE: - Come on, fill these bottles before we change our minds!
{The Barman counts the money again and tucks the money inside his apron pocket and runs off}

HASSAN: - (Pointing at the window) Hey! Look! Look across the window. There’s a funeral. {The three young men go to the window and watch a funeral procession. The Barman returns with a keg of wine and fills the three empty mugs on the table}
KOFI: - {Looking round and seeing the Barman} Thank you, Barman, for the wine. Whose funeral is that?
BARMAN: - Customer, I think he’s the man you used to drink with here.
HASSAN: - What’s his name?
BARMAN: - I don’t know, customer. He is a very big man. He used to come here quite often until he overthrew the governments of Afer Land.
HASSAN: - Which governments? I hope it is not the civilian governments.
BARMAN: - Both civilian and military governments fell to his bloody coups d’etats.
KOFI: - When did all these overthrows occur? I thought Elizabeth was here? When did Elizabeth leave Afer Land?
BARMAN: - As soon as Elizabeth and her equally greedy friends left Afer Land, the man took over… only the dates of the overthrowing of the governments were slightly different.
HASSAN: - What is his name? I mean the deceased.
BARMAN: - I think I can remember his name now. His name was Mr. Corruption.
KOFI: - Oh, old Mr. Corruption! I know him well. He had many sons. I know two of them, Underdevelopment and Conflicts. He had another son out of wedlock called Wars. I know him well. When did he die?
BARMAN: - He was killed the day before yesterday
WOLE: - Killed? Who killed him? Who could have killed the almighty Mr. Corruption?
BARMAN: - A well-known thief around here killed him. The thief shot several bullets into his chest and the doctors could not save him. The thief has killed many people already.
HASSAN: - What is the type of bullet that the thief used in shooting Mr. Corruption? I was told that there is almost no bullet that can penetrate his allegedly steely body.
BARMAN: - He used a new and effective type of bullet called Good Governance and Transparency.

KOFI: - A thief, you said? What is his name?
BARMAN: - His name is Death. During the recent war in Somalia, he killed very many people with famine and laughing rifles. He has killed tens of thousands in the Darfur region. He killed many people in Liberia and Congo. During the recent famine he killed thousands of people. He is killing more people from the many wars on the continent.
KOFI: - The only complementary thing about this unscrupulous thief is the killing of Mr. Corruption, I dare say.
HASSAN: - Yes. But, why would he kill innocent people too?
WOLE: - I hear that he is not a respecter of persons.
BARMAN: - And so, I advise you to be careful, my customers, in case you meet him. He is very dangerous.
KOFI: - {Angrily} When I need your advice I shall ask for it. Thank you very much.
WOLE: - My friends, this fellow, Death, must be a very rich man even though he is a dangerous man. Let’s see if we can find him and kill him ourselves, before he kills us too!
HASSAN: - Great idea! But where does he live?
BARMAN: - I’m not sure. But he has killed many people in a village not far from here.
KOFI: - Right! Let’s find him and kill him… now!
WOLE & HASSAN: -Yes! Let’s go!

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Writer Profile
Saintmoses Eromosele

The author is a Nigerian writer, editorial consultant and community organizer born in Benin City.

Very enthralling story and timely!
eghere udumetotor | Jun 27th, 2008
The play is very interesting and I enjoyed every bit of it. You are a good writer, Saintmoses. How may we get other of your hard copies books? Keep it up.

Adham Tobail | Jun 27th, 2008
Dear beautiful story writer, there are many money spent for something useless I wish you success Adham

shakil ahmed | Jul 1st, 2008
Really excellent story. Is it real?

Thanks for the Comments
Saintmoses Eromosele | Jul 3rd, 2008
Thanks Udumetotor. Thanks Adham. Thanks Ahmed. And thanks to all of you who had called to say you liked the piece. I am really honoured. Ahmed, you asked if it was real. It's obviously fiction. But the message is clear and real. Totor, you may get my books by vising amazon or write to me directly. I guess you have my contacts online. Adham, I did not get you really clearly but i suppose you are commenting on the characters in the play. Life is beautiful and we must all strive to be happy in our lives, shunning all vice, which precipitates death.

Delightful Piece
Iyere Valentine Era-Imuse | Jul 3rd, 2008
You are a great writer, Saintmoses. I have been following your writings and I think highly of you. I want us to be friends. Do you mind?

Tess | Jul 8th, 2008
In every soul there's darkness, greed, and selfish ambition to get rich, or to be on top. They are all hidden in a human heart. Some will trample someone to get there no matter what. Mr. Corruption, Death and Wole's friend are no difference. However, it all comes to the bottom line. I would ask the people who read this play...could you identify yourself in the play? Nevertheless, a man is also capable to be as honest, dignified as a servant of God, his governmennt and every part of his life. I enjoyed it and captured the image of what you are portraying. Thanks, and God bless with your writig. Tess

This extreme wonderful
joseph | Jul 11th, 2008
This play is very interesting, men bro keep it up. What else can l say? you re the bomb. joe

Thank you Tess
Saintmoses Eromosele | Jul 11th, 2008
Your quasi-review was delightful and I really appreciate our friendship. You are a great friend and I hope that the future holds the best for us. Saintmoses.

That's creative
Kingsley Idiagbor | Sep 11th, 2008
Saintmoses, that short story is quite creative. All that remains is for you to have a distinct style that will ring through all your write-ups. We are proud of you. Keep it up.

Hafiidhaturrahmah | Oct 2nd, 2008
u know...i always read the comments first before read the story... and..i become more curios to read quick ur story. and...they are right. U are very smart writer that i found directly by TIG.hehehe You make me smile when I know Mr. Corruption died. GREAT Saintmoses....very deep touchy story. I love to read ur book also (when u was 16) I wrote a novel also when I was in junior high school but just for fun. hahahaha Thx for sharing Saintmoses Keep Writing Warms, aViS ^_^

Saintmoses Eromosele | Oct 2nd, 2008
Thanks for your kind comment. I browsed your pages and noticed that you have been doing great in the promotion of knowledge in your communitites, especially on HIV/AIDS awareness. Kudos. I repect your courage and drive. Keep it up. I also noticed that you have travelled to many countries, but never Africa. Why? Would you like to visit here someday? I like to see someone like you. Once again thanks for the kind comment. It's really humbling for me. It can only spur me to greater achievements.

dear Saint
Hafiidhaturrahmah | Sep 15th, 2009
nice to hear ur invitation to visit Africa I would like to be there someday, hopefully after I graduate from my medical school, so I can do sumthing better there (not only just vacation^_^) waiting ur new stories again friends^_^ do u have facebook let me be yours my facebook: avis unsoed

Saintmoses Eromosele | Nov 7th, 2009
Thanks for the comment. It is always exciting to hear that ones work is appreciated from around the world. Like you requested, I have added you to my facebook. Lets chat more frequently and see how we could collaborate in our efforts to see a better world beginning from our immediate environments.

Saintmoses Eromosele | Mar 30th, 2010
Sure you can find me on facebook with me names...

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