by Zaid Shopeju
Published on: May 20, 2008
Type: Poetry

We’re passing thru’ hell in the hands of tyrants calling themselves our leaders.
They sacrifice our children to wars and kill our young ones before their time.
They turn a nation flowing with milk and honey into a land of pain and severe anguish.
But we will survive!

The cries of agony and pain are heard in the jungles of Africa, and war drums are played in the nooks and crannies of our land by these so called leaders, for horror is visited upon us day in, day out, like the sunset at dawn.
But I know we will live!

War helicopters are hovering over our heads with a terrifying noise which causes a creeping sensation down our spine.
Our children were forced to bear arms and sent to certain death in the midst of a void vicious.
But God will come to our rescue and deliver our souls from the destructive power of war.
We shall live!!!

Dedicated to all war-torn countries in Africa

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