Published on: May 12, 2008
Type: Short Stories

You woke up with a sore heart. Saying “Good morning” doesn’t seem to be of much importance this particular morning. You’re drifting in your own world and the mirror seems to be portraying an unimaginable image of this strange person with an aching heart.

The world around you is getting on just fine. You don’t seem to be of any significance, nobody seems to be noticing your presence. Tears don’t seem to be rolling down and yet time still ticks on. Your feet keep on walking; where to? That don’t even matter.

The faces you look upon seem to know where they are going. “Their lives are perfect,” you conclude. Your shoulder hurts, you’re on the ground, people are screaming. Somebody is trying to get you back to reality. "Are you ok?" she asks. No response; your hands cover your eyes. You’re trying to regain your strength.

Now you’re up on your feet; you tell the kind woman that you’re okay. You take a few steps and the ticking sound of your watch forces you to look at it. Oh my! It’s 9:30 am and you’re late for work.

Adrenalin pumps through your veins and you return to reality. You realize that you had a bad morning, but you go on and make the most of your day because you don’t know what the outcome of tomorrow will be.

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