Published on: May 7, 2008
Type: Short Stories

May 11th is celebrated as Mothers' Day in some parts of the world.
A lot of Mothers will be celebrated, appreciated, and showered with love and a whole lot of gifts. These Mothers are women who have been there for their children,families, friends and loved ones.
Some are working mums, combining both office stress with home chores, yet they've stood strong as mothers. They cook, they clean, they wash, they take care of the kids, and take care of the Husbands etc. Even with that alot of women are not appreciated.
There are also mothers who are regarded as single parents, who single handedly take care of families on thier own. in my part of the world the have thier inlaws to contend with.There are mothers who have lost thier husbands as a result of HIV/AIDS, and are also living with this deadly decease. They have children to take care of, and at the same time take care of themselves. Some have thier children alsoinfected with the deadly virus. They not only struggle to keep the family together, but also struggle to keep themselves going, because they serve as lifelines to these families. But In sub-saharan africa, it has become exceedingly difficult and expensive for people living with AIDS to sustain themselves, due to the unavailability of drugs, and even if there is, its expensive.
With the celebration Mothers Day coming up, I believe it is time that we as individuals need to extend our hands of love and care to these mothers, for thier tenacity, and strength, for thier courage and love.
......For not giving up.


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