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Cynical Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Angela Sun, Canada May 6, 2008
Media , Culture , Health   Poetry


Make-believes are for dreamers and nothing else
Aye, I was one once
Long ago, when everything still seemed possible
When luck seemed to be a greatly distributed thing
When movie-stars and musicians were picked up from the streets
When my world consisted only of those I know
When youth was a valid excuse for ignorance

But now in the land of research,
we all must search for the truth
And it comes to us when we do
as if dropped from the heavens above:

Not every cloud has a silver lining
The almighty does not always open a window after closing a door
Sometimes a sword is the might behind the pen

These lines of hope that have been fed to us
are nothing but the foolish ideas of a dying world

I must admit,
Our lives are not always one big tragedy
Instead, the tragic moments that occur just accumulates
Until they have outweighed the comedic, the romantic moments

And the brightness from being alive dulls
Hope wilts into despair
at the seemingly endless time that stretches out
all the way to a line along the horizon

I always say to myself
"There is more time, there is more time"
But there is always less and less time
The most time that you will ever have is now

Life is divided between
periods where there too little time
and periods where time can not pass by fast enough

Dreams are wasted because of our obsessions
with the eventual cease of our lives
All we are left with is a ticking clock

Always read fine prints.
Always look for expiration dates.
You may be saved from...



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Angela Sun

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david mbitu | May 6th, 2008
A very good poem indeed. very creative and informative. keep it up and hope to read more of your work, you really inspired me.

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