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by Samuel, United Kingdom May 5, 2008
Culture , Health   Poetry


Vivid recollections
Of past victories and falls
I chose to remember
Life’s turbulent progression
When hit by emotion's aggressive waves
Caught in the storm of indecision
Fighting to shelter
To hide from the hailstones called compromise
A crisis of my mind that
Often clouds my vision
As a vague image of my future
Apprehends my conscience
My collection of recollections
my burden to carry
My burden, yet still my weapon
For when I face the adversary
construing itself to be fate
These recollections
My shield and spear of destiny
And I stand great
Above all
From generations of recollections



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Writer Profile

I'm 26 years old.
And this is my creed.
My voice is a tool in destiny's toolbox.
My words are the ammo of providence's slingshot.
My thoughts are the paths in fate's journey,
My intentions projections of success divine.
I write because I choose to speak
of the things the cause the world to spin.
I write because I can
and i believe my words will someday make an impact.
I'm not an agent of change as some many conclude or think.
I'm just the wind that blows and spreads the forest fire.
Join me and together we can walk to destiny's dream.

Love to all
I'm not a poet
I'm just me
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