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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Conscious Nigerian Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Mohammed Ahmed-Shaibu, United States Apr 29, 2008
Human Rights , Education , Peace & Conflict   Poetry


Looking into the eyes of citizens,
Catching glimpse of unwanted happenings,
Feeling the vibe of clamouring indigents,
Expecting the action of angry chantings.

This is one picture in the faces of Nigerians,
Injustice rule like Kings & Queens in ...
Corruption, seen as a better way of life,
Poverty, the best friend of my neighbours.

What have we done to deserve all these?
Where are the good seeds we sowed yesterday?
Why are we left in this unwelcoming hardship?
When, if any; is the expiration date of these?

Our solution depends on our leaders but largely depends on the positive steps we take today,
We are reaping the seeds of fruits we sowed yesterday, what do we sow today for a better tomorrow?
Complaining and crying will only add to what we sowed yesterday,
We are not blind, not crippled nor dumb but we can make a change if we start from now!

Lets act wise so that our sorrows will become joy and happiness tomorrow,
Afterall, we are Leaders of Today,
The Leaders of now, we must stand,
Youth Leaders, We Lead, Today!



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Writer Profile
Mohammed Ahmed-Shaibu

Mohammed Ahmed-Shaibu is a change agent, a writer, a social entrepreneur and a youth advocate who's passion is community development through Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Patriotism and Integrity training. He's the initiator of Youth Leadership Network (YOLEN) an initiative that focuses on Moral Values, Leadership and Integrity and Patriotism.
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