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Dissecting The Philippine Mass Media Today Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by VOICEMASTER, Philippines Oct 4, 2003
Citizen Journalism   Short Stories


Being a Watchdog on Government: there remain flaws on this function of the Philippine media as the manipulation of anti-sedition and anti-subversion laws are within easy reach for crafty politicians. This is the press' Authoritarian personality. Likewise, the AC/DC practice mars the ability of the press to accurately criticize and/or commend the government, its officials, and its programs.

Social Role
Establishing Pop Culture: the media cause the establishment of Popular Culture when the programs become entwined with the lives of the audiences. The problem stems from authoritarian controls resurfacing for the move to ban programs hurtful to the State's thrusts (public welfare, national security, etc.) Otherwise, there is enough liberty to run programs so long as they do not infringe on the policies protecting decency, reputation, and over-all public welfare.

Building a Natio: the media have succeeded in relaying information to the different sectors of society, as well as to far-flung areas in a country broken up geographically and ethno-linguistically. However, more problems still need to be addressed, especially those that touch on national culture.

Entertaining the Nation: the media have reflected people's preoccupation with media exposure (which has spilled over to the political field). Media becomes an aid to the "balkanization" (breaking into factions) as it becomes the tool of these factions in forwarding their views. The media becomes engrossed with entertainment, causing news and information to morph into entertainment (sensationalism).

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