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A truly international volunteer project Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Eric, Peru Apr 26, 2008
Human Rights   Opinions


A truly international volunteer project Several months ago, I decided to use the power of TIG to expand a previously done project to the far corners of the globe. The organization that I volunteer for, Youth for Human Rights, had found that the UN document, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, although recognized as the most translated document in the world, was not easy for children and even many adults to read. Youth for Human Rights addressed this issue with a booklet entitled "What are Human Rights?" an adaptation of the UDHR for young people. It was subsequently translated into two dozen major languages.

I thought that this adaptation should be translated into even more languages, and shared my idea with others. After a few months, the result was additional translations in five European languages, seven African languages, three Middle Eastern languages, and six Asian languages. You can view these at http://www.spydersports.com/humanrights/ .

While the local printing of these documents seemed like a good idea, I realized that the work accomplished by my volunteer translators would reach a far wider audience if it was transformed into radio ads. I produced a demo of the ads in English, Spanish, French, Chinese and Arabic, and the response from my associates around the world was universally enthusiastically positive.

I am now planning the distributed production of radio ads in various parts of the world. I have a major international institution on board to coordinate production in Africa, with the recording of certain languages scheduled to occur in Los Angeles during the next few weeks, and am looking for more translation and audio-recording partners, especially in parts of the world where people feel an urgent need for human rights education.

Four months ago, I couldn't imagine where this project would take me. Now I am working very hard to get my project ready for a worldwide debut on my organization's World Tour 2008.



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Dyan Aimee Mabunga Rodriguez | May 2nd, 2008
Your efforts are laudable! I wish you all the best in your undertakings for the young individuals in the entire globe.

Keep going.
Léonard Lomami Biduaya Richard | Jun 24th, 2008
Thank you for what you do,the first step aof all think is to know what we are our rights and duty. Keep going!

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