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I can't speak Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by R Kahendi, Kenya Apr 21, 2008
Human Rights , Peace & Conflict   Poetry


I want to write, but somehow I can’t.
I see the images in my minds eye.
I know the story, but the words are gone.


Can you understand the urgency behind my desire to write?
Do you know how important it is for me to tell?

I want to write of my pain and of the emptiness inside.
I want to tell you of a loss that is still fresh.
I want to cry, but can’t.
My voice is gone,

Nothing left but the heaviness,
The pain-numbing music,
And a bird trapped inside a gilt-cage,
Wings a-flutter, bashing its head against the bars.

You see my tears, but don’t understand.
How can you?
I can’t speak.



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Writer Profile
R Kahendi

The opportunity to learn from people from different walks of life has opened my eyes to the larger problems affecting us all.

I enjoy doing creative writing, poetry, and pieces on social issues. You can read some of my writing on my weblogs: KAHENDI'S BLOG, Ouagadougou's Weblog and Kahendi's Korner

Samuel K Akinbo | Apr 25th, 2008
hmm ,,, this is great, it really talks about how lonely and helpless some people are in this world.... this is a poem in an occupatiotic manner, u seems to say u are not saying anything but you are saying alot

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