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To my betrothed Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by charles, Nigeria Mar 31, 2008
Technology   Poetry


My eyes are in tears, My heart in pain.
It seems I have lost sight of natures unique colours;
I am gradually falling apart,my thoughts are foggy.
why are my so sad?
why have I gone mad?
Now I realize I am in love , now its too late.
oh! how foolish i was to have thought that money could buy me everything;
now i have lost my sunshine with a pretty mug.
She an angel to behold, an epitome of beauty and perfection;
Her hair sparkles in the sun and glows in the dark.
Her face could light up a dark town, its beauty is frightening;
Her footprints could turn the sand of the earth into gold.
Her innocence and guiltlessness could defeat a thousand soilders;
Her mellifluous voice could keep the leaves green during winter.
One look upon her could set any man ablaze inside;
She is my idol, my goddess, my queen ,my angel, my world.
MONEY and POWER are of no use to me now, I despise them. They blinded me and turned me into a cynic and an egoist; now i have to go look for her or i die of pain and misery.
O! My morning rose where are you?
plaese come back to me.
My greiviance is now my wisdom, my amputated spirit my guide.
Bring back your love,your pure love.i will build a castle for it on the mountains,a fortress very high.Hence i am your servant and you my everything;
I will love you with every breath I take, I will protect you with my body and soul.
For the first time in my life I have made a very wise decision.to truly love a woman,a woman sent to me by divinities. if only she would come back,i will live a thousand years.



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Writer Profile

my name is charles okafor,i am a nigerian. i love life as God has created it (naturally). i am a very quite person and it affects my choice of things in life. i am also God fearing.
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