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Creating Our Own Media Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Jonez, Canada Sep 22, 2003
Citizen Journalism   Opinions


Creating Our Own Media We often think of the media as the news of the world outside our lives. It’s based on the events happening that may not affect us personally, but do impact our society. The media is what it is, because it’s focused on the lives of strangers in whom we look up to. It covers issues that involve anybody and everybody, both locally and internationally. The media is the telephone of the world, calling its citizens to listen, and informing us of current events. However, since the media solely covers the issues affecting us communally, the individual problems that occur are shadowed.

Sometimes the portrayal of the news publicized is not exactly what it seems. The media is a powerful force that needs be cautioned. Sometimes the more relevant solution is the most obvious, self-expression. The media as an industry has rarely been questioned. But as its faithful viewers we need to be the ones to consider what really matters.

Has it ever occurred to anyone that it’s possible to create your own media? To let people know that there are important matters outside what the news bulletins have to tell? It is imperative that we as individuals express our thoughts and feelings about the subjects we feel passionate about. Whether it be our favourite type of music or the talent show at our local schools, from the HIV/AIDS epidemic to Celine Dion’s comeback concert tour. This is all news that affects someone out there, but may not be showcased in the mainstream of the media.

I have defined the media as the telephone of the world; however, it can also be displayed as an article in a handmade magazine, or a segment on a local radio show. Another option is creating songs or poems that you share with just your friends. Expressing yourself is vital because it may open doors that never seemed to be an option to open.

Self-expression doesn’t have to be in direct form, just in a way that you yourself can understand. It can be found in the simplest of poems, or in the arrangement of colours in a painting. Self expression is supposed to be all about you without having to consider the approval of society, as some main-stream media may be.

How many of us have actually considered the fact that the hesitation of self-expression is an issue in itself? The media is an industry that seems everlasting, but eventually the news that it depicts will sour in the eyes of society. Then what? Many of us all so completely enthralled with the industry itself that they don’t realize what’s happening in their own world. Puzzled by my choice of words? The media sometimes can be very exploiting, but nonetheless entertaining. That’s why sometimes we’re so caught up in the whorl of it; we don’t see what’s really going on. Self-expression is crucial at this point for it can bring us back to reality so to speak. It neutralizes our minds, and expands our so-called horizons. I assert self-expression because life as we now it, could be a victim of the media. The news itself is important, but the people it affects hold more significance.

Ultimately we see how media and self-expression can coincide, and work together. We need to create our own media to illustrate this point and support self-expression, so there is no longer any hesitation to do so.



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my comment, my voice.
Julie Renee Willis | Oct 9th, 2003
Thank u for that.I get so happy when I read your article, and so many others because I KNOW we are, collectively, moving in the right direction. You are right. Self-expression is crucial. SPEAK with those with whom you have conflicting feelings, beliefs, etc. SHARE that thought in class or group discussion, even if everybody else seems so intelligent or eloquent. You know that feeling... your heart starts to race, you're so sure what you are thinking or feeling is worthy... IT IS. Shutting up or stopping the flow is unnatural. Let it out. Contribute. Add the zest of the ingredient which is ONLY YOU. I love you just because you're here on earth with me. And because you are speaking out on behalf of all of humanity. Peace.

Power of Arts and Media to Heal and Inspire Youth
Postcards from Katrina | Oct 5th, 2006
Though this article was written in 2003, the subject matter has relevancy to date. To prove my point, let's look at the wake of Hurricane Katrina on August 29, 2005. Many youth were displaced, silenced and unable to relocated family and friends in the Gulf region and beyond. To this day, families are still grappling with the lost and do not have adequate support, venues and experience to express themselves in a positive and productive manner for society. Postcards from Katrina is a community arts healing project that uses the power of arts and media for people, particularly youth, to creatively express what Katrina means to them. Art is therapy. Therapy is art. Media is merely a channel for your soul to free to express who ought to be. To learn more about the project and subscribe, go to www.postcardsfromkatrina.com. PfK is on Taking IT Global at www.projects.takingitglobal.org/pfk. Best, Tambra

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