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The Plague Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Damilare, Nigeria Sep 22, 2003
Human Rights   Opinions


After so many years of degradation, humiliation, slavery and colonization, we still suffer from something we could not figure out. Something amazing, funny and above all sad. It still remains a surprise why most of us slave to this concept of modernized hypocrisy - both the low and high alike. The literate is not left out as well. Despite his broad education and experiment, he still lives by the rule. The rule of hypocrisy, which reaps him of what he is!

What should I call it? Virus or Insanity? You may call it whatever you chose, but it still remains bad. We have to be free from it. We have to be free from mental colonization, hypocrisy and non-originality. We have to get liberated. We have to soar in our own minds and flee from this plague. Yes it is THE PLAGUE.

Many have lost their culture, manners, accent, identity and even names (just to be a "white black man"). Is this not ridiculous? I don't understand why we still slave for our colonial masters - The whites from the west. Though we don't wash their robes and serve their dinners any longer, but we still lean and live by their rules. We are slaves to their ideas and concept. We grab everything 'white', forgetting that we also have original ideas - the African Value.

We are not so foolish, are we? We marvel and adore their intelligence when we are also bright and wise. We believe they are saints and sane. Have you heard that there are white prisoners and killers too (laughs). Or didn't you hear that "No Pope ever condemned slavery". Perhaps you believe in Jesus Christ as a white man. You have to believe in your existence. You exist before the intrusion of the whites, you exist. How come you burned your ideas and concept, only to be a learner? They believed Africa to be a land of the impoverished and illiterates, yet, you live by their rules. What a pity!

What do you think education is all about? Speaking fluent English and wearing smooth suits? Or perhaps, being English? Why do you erase your past, your history and the maker of you? Why do you believe so much in the West?

"You must wear what the English wear to work" states a business rule. How daft! An English man will never recommend African attire for things concerning business. Where is our dignity, our pride?

Everyman is created to be him. An African, American, European, Asian whatever! Men should associate, share ideas, and learn from one another, but how could it be for a man to lose his name, culture, accent, ideas and identity - Just for him to be what he is not. Imagine how bad things would be in real sense. Is that not a plague? It is the plague tearing our community and transforming our simple nature and making most things fake and disgusting.

After they leave us to live our lives, we still live by their rules. Wake up brother. Let us show the world our superiority, our simplicity and our blessing. Let us free ourselves from this plague. The plague that bewitches us. Let us bring a smile upon the cracking cheeks of Mother Africa for once. Let us save Aafrika and retain her name - AAFRIKA.



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Writer Profile

Just like my name Damilare, depicts, I have been set free from all odds of life.
Most of my works are based on Africa. I love Africa so much. My love for this great land is not based its hypocritical admiration by some people. But based on the realization of her past mistakes and to make Her great in future.
I was born and grew up in a tough part of the world. My family is a free type where everyone chooses what he/she wants. This has made me liberal in my thoughts.
I get happy when I read works of Great Black people, especially their works on pan-Africanism.
My regret in life is that; I have not read the works of Marcus Garvey and Du Bois!

The challenge before us brother
Paul Mba | Sep 23rd, 2003
Damilare,The pain,agony,frustration and outcry with which your Spirit behold the cuurent state of affairs in Afrika and with us Afrikans run through your article.We have lost our beauty,our values.And now the burden on us is enormous and sure to increase to unbearable fpr our children,if we do nothing.I deliberately say if we(ourselves)do nothing because in reality,the so called Whites are themselves,in my view,role players in the great task of global development.They probably were more commited to their own role and in the process,developed better suited tools foe effective delivery of their recognised responsibilities.Perharps this may not be safely regarded as "Recial Disservice" to a particular people.However,this is 21st Century with its bountious harvest of opportunities for purposeful developmen and cooperation therein."The challenge before us"At no time in the history of human development has it been as easy as it is today for humanity everywhere in the World to work together.Purposefully and transparently too.AS young Afrikans who have voluntarily taken roles at TIG,we have presented ourselves as willing envoys for Afrikan development;We have the great facilty of creating a global friendship sufficiently strong to support committment of our people to the pursuit of Afrikan Due Destiny.We must set the goals high enough to be able to resurect our true orginal Afrikan perception of values .We must develope our intrinsic capacity to take role in this rapidly expanding global village and effectively deliver to its true terms.I am sure that as our contribution level to global development rises,so well our confidence level rise as a people,Our Afrikan Spirit will have then so become mobile and constructive that it will bother on the impoossible for instance to speak in other tongues because the development itself would have actually been an outcome of the mobility of the language.Our education,our culture,our entire humanity would do nothing than become truely Afrikan,The challenge before us brother. Paul Mba

Paul Mba | Sep 23rd, 2003

Paul Mba | Sep 23rd, 2003

I hear you...
Julie Renee Willis | Oct 16th, 2003
Hi. I'm a 27 year old white woman in the United States. I hear you. I am so glad there is a website like this one, so that we can learn from and share with each other. This is how peace begins. Would love to talk. gdaisy76@hotmail.com -Julie Renee Willis

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