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Battering Rams and Sun Tzu Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Hon Tan, United States Mar 20, 2008
Technology   Opinions
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To a modern individual, the word conjures mental images of things that generate instant electrical power, of different sizes, shapes, and colors. And in our modern times, the mere ownership of a battery is as vital as breathing. Motor vehicles cannot run without automobile batteries. Cell phones are useless if they do not have cell phone batteries to keep them working.
But mention the same word to a man from the medieval ages and instantly, he will think of battering rams and other siege engines and heavy weaponries. The term, if used in the same context in the same context as that of siege machinery, also denotes modern artillery that dates as far back as the Napoleonic Wars up to the modern battle tanks and heavy guns of our era (not to be confused with missiles and ballistics, though).
Of course, the term battery has its own place in criminal law. Although it has various types, the word battery means the unlawful application of force to another person that result in bodily harm or injury to the aid person. If is the case, then perhaps all of us have, in one tie or another, experience battery. But then, not all of us are lawyers and law experts so the word battery still means those little boxes from Samsung cell phone accessories and LG cell phone accessories that generate 2-4 hours of talk time.
Although their definition and their context vary in multiple degrees of difference, they still have a single denominator: power.
The first definition discussed refers to the power stored for future use. The better your battery, the longer it works. More power from the battery means more energy for consumption. That translates to more efficiency and more results.
The second definition of the word can relate to the first one, although there is more emphasis on a different kind of power: firepower. Forces with greater firepower than that of the enemy has more chances of winning and is likely to be the victor of any war. History has proven that, although the great Chinese general and warlord Sun Tzu thinks otherwise. Never mind Sun Tzu, he never had to deal with mortars and heavy shelling, though his book on war and tactics is considered sacred by the military experts. Simply put, you are likely to win if you can produce big, powerful bangs than the enemy.
The third definition of battery has something to do with what I call the Bullying Power. Going back to the three grounds of criminal battery: (1) unlawful application of force; (2) to another person other than self; (3) which results to the bodily harm or injury of the said person. I guess it is unanimous; we are all battered at some point in our lives, which brings us to the climax and conclusion of this article.
I guess James had some Bullying Power in him when I was still in grade school. He would always take a bite or two from sandwich and would give me a punch to the shoulder if I refused. So I got battered every now and then. Now, to fully appreciate the story, James was like the kid version of Johnny Bravo in terms of size and I was more of the skinny kid you see every day at the alley way.
But one day I grew tired of it. When recess came, as usual, he did his usual rounds with the likes of me. When my turn came, he tried to snatch my lunchbox. But I held on tight until he punched me in the shoulder. As I winced in pain, he opened my lunchbox and started rummaging, his back facing me. In a fit of rage, I got up, grabbed a thick tome from our mini library, and started hacking at his head and body with abandon. He was shocked and was unsettled from my initial assault. But when I let up, he charged at me, readying his right hand for the punch. I did not wait for the impact. I threw the thick tome at him and it smacked him right in the chest. I then launched my attack. I took two quick big steps towards him and raised my left foot to his groin. Now, to fully appreciate the story, James was like the kid version of Johnny Bravo in terms of size and I was more of the skinny kid you see every day.
He fell, screaming in agony. I then stood still, blazing and hurting. I then moved. I let fly kicks to his body and to his head. James was crying. There were tears streaking from his eyes. But no matter how wrong it was, I was enjoying it. Every second of it. I did not feel tired. I was recharged of sort. Like the Energizer Bunny.
It took three of my classmates to pull me away. They were looking at me, surprised. No, shock would be the better word. They were even more shocked when I started taunting James, making fun of him. Making him cry for his mama. Too bad big guy, mama is not here today.
After an eternity of crying and cursing at me between sobs, James slowly rose to his feet. Threatening to beat if he had the chance. He never got his chance as I grabbed another book and threw it at him. Scared to face me the second time, he ran outside and straight to his house. Moments later, I was in the principal’s office with my parents.


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