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Highly volunteering! Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Yassir El Ouarzadi, Morocco Mar 13, 2008
Education   Poetry


Highly volunteering! When we volunteer,
We become more aware,
We become more active,
We become more productive,
We become more inspiring,
We become more interesting.
In brief,
If you volunteer,
You will be the winner,
Not just a consumer!

With Héma-Québec,
I volunteered last year,
Without any fear.
Because I knew that,
By doing so,
The world would grow,
And away people would throw
Their false ideas
On volunteering.

So, let's say highly volunteering,
Let's improve our communities,
Each action speaks against inaction
And helps us improve our production!

[Image: 'Working Together' by Nancy La Neve.]



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Writer Profile
Yassir El Ouarzadi

Hello everybody !
Salut tout le monde !

First of all, I am a young polyglot poet since I write many poems in three languages (English, French and Arabic) and I like very much literature, reading, being involved in interesting projects and taking initiatives ... I began writing poetry since my early childhood.

I have been awarded many certificates of excellence in poetry especially for my poems in French and Arabic languages and I have won many prizes for my involvement in the beautiful field of poetry !

I am an open-minded person, thus, your comments will be very appreciated !

Last but not least, I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to take part to my initiative to elaborate a POEM that never ends about CULTURE, POETRY, DIVERSITY, CLIMATE CHANGE AND ALL THE ISSUES THAT YOUTH ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT. The main purposes are to promote cultural exchanges and cultural diversity through art, to promote poetry as a tool to inspire, informe and engage youth (it is the spirit of TakingITGlobal, isn't it ?), a tool for youth empowerment, an educative tool used in schools and universities to encourage creativity, art and poetry and also help the students enrich their writing skills by participating in this project and being recognized as young poets (I plan to publish the poem without end called Highly poetry ! in its five versions in a book dedicated to this project, maybe youth can be motivated to participate if they realize that we are recognizing their work and at the same time we are helping them improve their writing skills and thus, they'll have higher marks and will be more self-confident !).


Thanks to your participation, our collective poem will be more and more rich. My long-term aim is to promote this poem among Guinness World Records !

Thanks to everyone's help, our poem - entitled "HIGHLY POETRY " - will become a great success.

If you want to see the project or participate, go to: http://projects.takingitglobal.org/elouarzadi

We have now more than 220 members !
Add yourself to the list.

Rana | May 17th, 2008
I have tried it and it really changes my life :))))

Right !
Yassir El Ouarzadi | May 18th, 2008
Exactly, volunteering experiences are usually useful, they help us learn new skills, make new friends and help the community. It is really rewarding !

join the fight
Paul Chetambe | Jun 25th, 2008
join the the world of innovation and sustainable development where the gap between the rich and poor is reduced through the campaign and contributions of ideas and exchange of support to build future developing world.I praise Sen.John Edwards who believes in quote,''The America We Believe in''.Guys,as much as you are sitting wherever you areyou don`t know how the world is suffering and so you are challenged to keep up the fight and one way is supporting our campaigns and we will support yours to achieve too.

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