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What does the future hold for our generation? Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by kamoru, Nigeria Sep 11, 2003
Human Rights   Opinions


I just don’t know where to start. I’m quite sure that it must have been said over and over again that “What does the future hold for the next generation in third world countries and African countries in particular?" Is our generation in doubt? Well I’m talking about poorer countries in Africa with high rising waves of violence and strikes, fighting and commotions, wars and riots. I will also say that there's a constraint to the pattern of decision making in the minds of African leaders. They rule in their own selfish interests, self-service without sacrifice. They make decisions that will in the long run, bring confusion, poverty to the life of the next generation.

In Liberia, Congo, Burundi, Sao Tome, Angola, to mention a few, they have experienced wars and deaths. The questions now are: What would have happened if there was no war? What knowledge would have been gained by the youths there? What time would have been saved? And, what inventions could have been made? But to no avail, it’s all vanity!

Time is the most important factor that matters. Every second we are getting older, and also, a lot of time wasted, can never be regained. So how could 6, 7, 8 years be wasted in war riots and all sorts of confusion? What would have become of the next generation if there were no wars? What knowledge would have been gained to enable them scale the hurdles of life. Researchers can tell of a truth that humans can be quantified, but time can never.

We know that developed countries can boast of state-of-the art technologies, inventions, strategies, appliances, But Africa can only boast of herbs, forestry and confiscated zoos...wow! What a huge difference.

In Liberia, thousands of lives has been lost, and their president is how taking asylum in Nigeria safe and sound. In Nigeria, prices of fuel were increased indefinitely causing poor living conditions due to high cost of living. This is serious, and they did not even know that their decision today is affecting the next generation negatively of positively. So why not make decisions that will positively affect our youth of today and leaders of tomorrow, so that in our time we will not have much to do concerning decision and administrative procedures.

HIV/AIDS is another hard tackle in Africa, not minding this, African leaders are busy endorsing bills that will suit them financially, that will bring them fortune, and will at the same time bring distress, strife, killings among the governed. Well its high time that African leaders to stand up and look forward, there’s a lot to be done that will positively bring change and invite world attention.


Well I may be the first to say that African leaders should apply the principle of BODMAS to see if there will be:

Brotherly hood

And to see if our future will glow once more.



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Writer Profile

Well, my name is Kamoru emmanuel UMORU. Am from Nigeria. and am a student with the institute of chartered accountants of Nigeria. well i love writing, and it has become part of me no thanks to TIG that has made me reach that potential. you can feel free to contact me. have a nice time.
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