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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Homesick at Home Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Lynne Lessard, Canada Feb 27, 2008
Human Rights , Education   Poetry


From deep behind the bars of a dark room
This young lady would come to see
This crib could be her tomb
Or her sanctuary

Anxious for the future, anxious to be free
From the dark loneliness of her prison
She would not dare pause her discovery
She would not dare pause her mission

She pondered upon her ambitious vision
Sitting still, her brown eyes open wide
Needing no decision
In mother’s arms she’d hide

There she would discover, once and for all
It only gets dark if you let it fall



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Writer Profile
Lynne Lessard

Hi! My name is Lynne and I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I'm an undergrad at the University of Ottawa, where I am studying International Development and Global Studies, and Arabic Language and Culture.

I enjoy writing poetry, music and short essays. I hope you enjoy my pieces, and would love to hear from you! :)

david mbitu | Mar 11th, 2008
Very creative and inspiring, Hope to read more of your work and maybe share about poetry. Keep it up

Thank you :)
Lynne Lessard | May 9th, 2008
Thanks!! I have plenty more already posted on TIG, I appreciate comment! :D

Zainul Abedin | Aug 13th, 2008
From the rhyming pattern,the poem appears like a sonnet.The sonnet instils an idea of hope and optimism.Appreciate Lynne for her efforts to share her determination for service to humanity while she is also very loyal to her beloved mother.Hope to discover Lynne as a great Canadian poet someday in the future. Best luck and cheers.

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