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A Knight In a White Sari Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by prernac, Canada Sep 7, 2003
Human Rights   Opinions


Our world has faced many different times of fear, war and trouble and in every era there have been great heroic figures to follow. In our time, there have been many warriors battling many different issues, ideas and events. These great heroes have a lot of lessons to offer us. One of the great heroes of the 1900s was indeed Mother Teresa. She taught the world that life was definitely too precious and that a hero isn’t necessary a saviour nor is a knight in shining armour.

Hero – a person of extraordinary valour, fortitude or enterprise and indeed a fit word for Mother Teresa. She made it eminent to the world that life with simplicities is possible to live in our world today. She is no doubt a great heroic figure to follow.

Mother Teresa is indeed a woman regarded by millions as a contemporary saint for her dedication to serving the poorest of the poor. Her work on the streets of Calcutta was the start to her powerful work on the streets of the world. Whoever she helped, she left an impression on. The world was amazed at the coming of this saint.

Mother Teresa not only roamed the streets as a holy saint, but she came up with a lot of theory for the work she did and for those she met. She believed that the fact that the world is indeed unequal has set an explanation that some people are better off then others, but each and every human has a right to live. So, Mother Teresa thought that we should help those in need – the dying, the destitute, lepers, AIDS victims, orphans, and society’s outcasts around the world. Mother Teresa saw in each person, the human face of God. As she herself once said: “The beauty is not in poverty but in the courage that the poor still smile and have hope, in spite of everything.” We have a great deal to learn from her.

Saintly, strong-willed, resolute, determined and totally fearless are a few of the many words used to describe Mother Teresa. She is seen as a very strong and independent person, who was not afraid of what or how much the world was asking of her. She never gave herself full credit for what she did, as she tersely put it, she is “merely a pencil in the hand of God.” (quoted from the authorized biography of Mother Teresa written by Kathryn Spink) But indeed Mother Teresa got her well-deserved reward from the world. Mother Teresa of Calcutta, founder of the Missionary of Charities won the Nobel Peace Prize for the work she had done and her life she gave to the rest of the world.

From her childhood in the Balkans as a member of a remarkably openhearted and religious family, to her heartened work in India, from attending the victims of war-torn Beirut to pleading with Sr. George Bush and Saddam Hussein to choose peace over war, the trials and tribulations Mother Teresa faced and encountered in the process of her work were overcome with her determination and unbound faith. Mother Teresa was the actual paradigm of chastity, poverty, obedience and service to the poorest of the poor. Her legendary selflessness and altruism truly brings us to our knees in shame. Without a doubt, the paragon of love and religion that was Mother Teresa is a heroic symbol that will enduringly dwell in our heart, mind and soul.



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