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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
The forgotten childhood experiences Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Chaka Ruzvidzo, Zimbabwe Feb 19, 2008
Human Rights , Child & Youth Rights   Poetry


Joys of childhood!
“I wish to be young forever,”
Many would assert and imagine,
Hoping to lift back the hands of time.
Innocent, discreet, gay,
Lavish, tender and ambitious-
All describe the nature of a child.

Neglect, sodomy, forced labour,
Rape, grievous assault and manipulation,
Being the malice inflicted on children,
How can a man be lured into having 'sex' with a toddler?
Where can children go if they are no longer safe and well fed at home?
What is happening to our society which is now so rotten?
Is it justifiable to believe that having sex with a virgin can cure AIDS?

I am concerned about the nature of children.
I am concerned about the welfare and wellbeing of children.
I am concerned about children irregardless of anything.
Children are a rare resource, preserve their future.
Children have a voice and a choice, whether girls or boys.
Children being an integral part of the family, give them their place.
The future can only be shaped by children, with children and through children.
Redeem their status because right now a child is no longer a child.
Give children wholesome love and care, and be devoted.
Say Yes for children and let them be free and joyful!



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Writer Profile
Chaka Ruzvidzo

I love to write about children's and women's rights since the two groups are the most vulnerable to abuse and violence in my country.
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