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A Letter During the Holocaust Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by cms-brionna, United States Feb 11, 2008
Peace & Conflict , Culture , Human Rights   Short Stories


Dearest Family,

You are extremely lucky to be living freely as citizens of the United States. I have been living in the ghetto, a sad place where I am punished for being who I am. And for being who I am, I have paid a terrible price. But I would not trade it for anything. However, I am content in thinking that someone will hear my story.

I’m going to tell you stories of the ghettos in hope that some day my story will be heard. If you did not know, almost every city includes a ghetto. Another fact about the ghettos is that not only are there Jews, but there are gypsies and anyone else who is against the likes of Hitler. The ghettos are almost like another city filled with people whom Hitler thought are outcasts.

I wonder every day when this war will end. It’s not right to judge, or discriminate people just because you can or because you want to. Do you know how many ghettos there are in the world? I know for sure that there are very many. There are big ones and small ones.

The Lodz Ghetto seems to be quite scary. The Lodz ghetto held 160,000 Jews at one time. There was a man, named Chaim Rumkowski who was called the ‘Chairman of the Council’. He was to carry out the responsibilities of the people in the Ghetto. He made the Jews work until they could not move a single limb.

It’s very sad here. No one has much hope. The SS police patrol the streets daily and nightly. I always feel trapped. But hopefully it will soon be over! On the flipside of things, I have met many new people and made some friends. Our neighbors, the Horton’s know someone who recently got deported to a concentration camp. It seems as if more and more people are leaving every day.

I’m scared but I know we will get through this. I’ve met some gypsies that were some of the first to arrive here, at the ghetto, and they’ve told me many stories on how it has evolved. It’s very interesting.

I’ve always wondered where people go once they get deported from the ghettos. They don’t let us read the newspapers here. After the deportations, the ghettos are always quieter or noisier. Some hide, so as not to be seen by the police and get deported, others go willingly thinking that their chance at survival is lost. I think that everyone has a chance if they are willing to fight for it. No one that I know has left yet. But it will probably be soon. Many of the gypsies have been deported- about 1,000 people.

In all I am doing quite well. It’s a little overwhelming at times but I’m making it through. I hope you take this letter and keep it forever so that if I don’t make it, you’ll be able to tell my story. The ghettos are getting smaller. The number of ghettos is increasing. And people are leaving every day. I hope you take time to consider this as a tribute to all those who have left. May there be peace between these countries once more.

Your loving daughter



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Writer Profile

I am in 8th grade. I enjoy to write and I am very moved by emotional situations that our youth are involved in. I like to be involved in clubs and activities in my school and area that help to defeat the common things, such as smoking, drugs, underage drinking, and the other things that are distracting our fellow teens and creating an environment not good for our future generations, but also for others around us. Please spread kindness, and don't give in to peer pressure!

Laurie Eaton | Feb 23rd, 2008
Well done Brionna, I am glad that you have applied what you have learned. See me, I have apopcorn ticket for you! Mrs. Eaton

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