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Nigeria: Where Do We Go From Here? Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Adeyemi Adisa, United Kingdom Sep 2, 2003
Human Rights   Opinions


When Africa threw off the chains of colonialism, Nigeria was by then seen as a beacon of hope and progress by all African Nations and even “the international communities”. Nigeria was then looked up to as a country with enormous energy and potentials that seemed destined to lead the people of Africa to a better future. But now, after almost 43 years of independence this destiny remains unfulfilled and unachieved.

For most of the people of Africa today, Nigeria is being looked at with despair, as successive governments have become locked in a cycle of contempt for human rights, corruptions and many others “evils”. Nigeria has instead been the inspiration for other African leaders who oppose justice and freedom, development, new innovations and encourage corruption and mismanagements.

In every perspective, the types of governments we have been having in Nigeria are indeed worthless, controlled by the opportunist who have no proven records of achievements. The story would have been different if those boastful politicians aimed at power not to indulge in any form of maladministration, corruption and its “relatives”. In the last 4 years, the kind of government in Nigeria had been absolutely insensitive to the yearnings of the entire populace who voted for them. No wonder that starving has dominated the country!

From a historical point of view, after the government of late Pa Awolowo in the then Western Region, there has never been a government that seemed ready or concerned about the welfare of the people. The Awolowo-led government that provided free education, free health care, good roads promoted the economy of the region with just “cocoa” as the main source of income, would have been the best option now that we have enough resources that can generate funds. In fact, Nigeria would have been in parity with some western nations because of the fact that people like late Pa Awolowo, late Dr. Azikwe and many others were actually in government to better the life of ordinary people.

Political parties then were formed actually to provide education, health services and many others freely throughout the nation, and not the political parties of nowadays that are primarily established to better the lives of the stakeholders. Imagine the present ruling party in Nigeria (People Democratic Party, which I can call “People Destructions Party” )has no plan for education, free health care and many other things that are significantly needed in human life. What kind of a generation are we nurturing?
In the olden days, working, studying and living in Nigeria was as the same as in United Kingdom because our government then was established to better the lives of the people. Do you know that then, one Nigeria Naira was equivalent to one British Pound Sterling? Nigeria was actually seen then as the economic “power house” of Africa and many other African nations were looking up to the steps being taken by Nigeria towards a meaningful future. Then pensioners were in a happy mood because they received their “cake” as at when due and with ease. But now the reverse has been the case as the older ones mostly the pensioners look terribly ill--- their skins are as yellow as guinea and our government (of which they once served) is not ready to cater for them. Many of these “older ones” have loss their precious lives as a result of the government’s crass negligence.

From my own point of view, I think the problem with Nigeria government is the exclusion of the educated elite and eggheads from mainstream political and social affairs. Political system in Nigeria is traditionally an aristocratic one where those at the helms of affairs allocate post to their families and relations never considering the fact that they may not be skilfully capable to handle the posts allotted them.

My dear good people of Nigeria --- it’s high time we stood up and fight these worthless people that paraded themselves as the “messiah” so as to put an end to this kind of mess they have brought us. At this time around, there should be no let-up in our determination to get rid of all these people who have muscled into the political circles that control the government. Their credibilities must be perfectly x-rayed by credible and those who have a proven record of achievements to actually figure out how they made their ways through to the helms of affairs.

I hope through this, we can ascertain the kind of people they are and how far they have gone in perpetrating whatever “crimes”.

Long live Nigeria!



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Writer Profile
Adeyemi Adisa

When I examine myself, I see writing as the only way to express my thoughts and have been wasting no time, however little, in ensuring that I express myself. This is an inspirational thought, potentially instilled in each and everyone of us, but the ways we express ourselves is the difference. I hope to meaningfully make use of most of my time and positively share my thoughts with others. You can check out my site (www.yemmmmy.co.nr) for more of my articles and poems.

Emmanuel Eduru | Sep 10th, 2003
I agree with you. So where do we start from?

Good Article
Enyioma Anaba | Sep 11th, 2003
I totally agree with you and i am as passionate as you are reagarding this issue but like the first comment reads, "Where do we start from?". I think the problem with Nigeria is Nigerians, we all know our problems and we have wonderful ideas to how to go about solving them. Believe me, if you here some Nigerians talk about solutions you will only but agree that Nigeria is blessed with brains and intellects but the big questions is WHEN DO WE START IMPLEMENTING THESE SOLUTIONS?? WHEN DO WE START ACTING ON THEM? ACTION!!!!! Is the best word to use. WE need people to ACT!! ACT on what they beleieve and know is right, ACT on that vision and dream of a better Nigeria. DO NOT SIT IN YOUR HOUSE AND COMPLAIN AND CRY FOR NIGERIA! ACT NOW!!! START ACTING FROM WHERE YOU ARE!! START AFFECTING PEOPLE POSITIVELY!! ACT NOW!!! Believe me, we will see a better Nigeria if and only if we start ACTING.

Obinwanne | Oct 6th, 2004
NIGERIA will get there. DO you know that Nigeria has developed a NATIONAL ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT AND DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY NEEDS: visit www.nigerianeconomy.com ==> NEEDS. The Obasanjo administration has also put in place reform agenda having a mindset to change the status quo. Prof Soludo, Okonjo Iweala, and Oby Ezekwesili are the hot brains in the administration. So please search for more information on the issues on reforms. Right now Prof Soludo as the CBN Governor has started the reformation of Banks through MERGERS AND ACQUISITION PROGRAM FOR BANKING CONSOLIDATION effective December 2005.

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