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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Oh! What a friend! Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Agent of Change International, Nigeria Jan 24, 2008
Media , Culture , Health   Poetry


Seasons come and go
Fond memories are savored
At periods of discouragement
And low state

Good and positive experiences
always desired
With no provision
or expectation for the undesired
Taught to accept positive experiences
As God’s approval of our daily endeavors

Then it appeared
With its ugly head
Roaring like a lion
The undesired, unexpected
Failure, discouragement, disappointments

Where is it coming from
What have I done wrong
Where did I miss it
Or where did I lose Him

Can anyone please explain to me
‘Cos I’ve worked very hard
To get this far
And I was seen
As someone with a bright and promising future
With the world at my call and beckoning

I graduated from school full of hopes;
Hopes of success
Hopes of great exploits at the marketplace
Hopes of scaling whatever hurdle that comes my way
Successfully moving to the next level
of my career

But suddenly
It appears that I’ve not done anything
And felt like my world is crashing
Right before my eyes
I became an object of ridicule
Looked down upon by everyone around

What has become of me
What have I dragged myself into
If only someone can just understand
Please, can anyone understand

Understand how it hurts
How it feels to be downcast
And be left alone
With the feeling of rejection

Then she appeared
A friend that sticks closer
Than a biological brother
Her presence around me soothes
More than balm is to wounds
So is her friendship to me

She told me it’s not about me
But it’s all about God
I live to glorify Him
Both in my pains and happiness
It may look like all is working
Against me today

But I’m encouraged to gladly endure
‘Cos there awaits me at the end
Of the dark tunnel
A mighty outbreak of light
And I’m convinced
That I’m gonna breakthrough someday
If I don’t relent and give up the fight
Thanks for being there for me

What a joy to have you
Right there by my side
As a friend indeed!

What a friend you have been to me
And thanks for being there
You are a gem and an encouragement
You make my world spin
And brighten my day
Every time spent with you
Is a time of refreshing
And strengthening

Oh! What a friend



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Writer Profile
Agent of Change International

A Social Entrepreneur, bagged a Bachelors of Science degree in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management from the University of Lagos, Certificate in Project Management 2005 (Brainbench Certified), Certificate in Entrepreneurial Development, Certificate in Computer Architecture and Networking and has attended series of other trainings. He has worked with managerial cadre of varied organizations he has served. Presently the Managing Consultant of Chain Link Concepts (a human capital development firm with passion for micro, small and medium enterprises ‘MSME’). He has consulted for Xcel Digital Solutions (a multimedia production firm), Higher Heights Communication (a media outfit) and Prisi’zn Concepts (a media outfit) amongst others. The President/Executive Director of Agents of Change International (an NGO) and presently the Program Coordinator on Education and Sport for People To People International, Nigeria (an international NGO). He has served on the leadership of various bodies. He is an Associate member of Nigerian Institute of Management (Chartered), Nigeria Industrial Relations Association (Graduate Membership) and Institute of Risk and Credit Management of Nigeria (Graduate Membership). I am a Mentor with ABC4All. Also a member of True Pioneers, Nigerian Professionals International (NiPRO) and some other non-governmental organizations. He is also a member of the training and development department of the Legacy Fellowship (Latter Rain Assembly).
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