by Johnson Kayode Jedidiah
Published on: Jan 24, 2008
Type: Poetry


It is said that
virtuous ladies are scarce
And that is being seen
As a cliché to most Church folks
And it doesn’t sound any different from other common statements

Until I met you
Until I heard your story
Until I saw the fruits of your labour
Until I saw your offspring

And I came to an understanding;
One that is not read
On the pages of books
Nor seen in home videos

It is the physical expression
And manifestation
Of the spoken
And written WORD of God
You have become to me
A godly pattern and standard
You are the true picture
Of a virtuous woman

You are the physical expression
Of Proverbs 31
Your success cannot be quantified
Neither can your impact be measured

You are blessed amongst women
You have become a model
Which younger ladies and girls
Of my generation work and desire
To pattern and model their lives
As mothers, sisters, aunts and grandmothers after

I am sending this short piece
Of mine to you
At such a time as this
To express my sincere
Appreciation to you
And also gratitude to God almighty for helping you thus far

And He who began the
Good work in you
Will surely perfect it
Through the power
Oof His precious Holy Spirit
And the completed works
Of His dear Son

Thanks for who you’ve been
To me and other young people
In the community and beyond

What a virtuous woman you are!

Johnson Kayode Jedidiah
© 24th December 2007

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