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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
His Faithfulness Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Agent of Change International, Nigeria Jan 24, 2008
Culture , Human Rights , Education   Poetry


The year is about to end.
With few hundreds of minutes
And some thousands of seconds to go,
Bothered about numerous
Unfinished businesses
Unachieved dreams
And unexplored virgin grounds,

Sandwiched between divergent options,
Set to follow my instincts,
Not concerned about the Creator
Or what He’s got to say to me
About the issues of my life.

I launched out
With the blueprint
Of what I had planned,
With all the strategic management skills
I’ve ever been exposed to
In the form of trainings and experience.

Brought out a piece of pen and a parchment,
Set to plan my life
With the understanding that
I can do all things my mind can conceive
Filled with a high sense of capability
To plan my life and succeed in the process.

I was seen as a skilled and experienced person.
People celebrate my skills and competences.
So, filled with the arrival syndrome
Equipped with all management wherewithal
To plan my life and succeed in it.

Little did I remember
That the Creator has a master plan
For my life at creation.
Though I preach the message
But in reality
I’m far from practicing my message.

The year began for me
Full of hopes and great achievements.
Attended trainings, workshops and seminars,
Acquired management skills
And became relevant
In the practice of management.

But lost touch
With the Creator’s master plan
Until a time when the year is almost over
Then, I realized my foolishness,
Ran back to the Creator
For help and direction.

It dawned on me
That the race is not to the swift
Neither is the battle to the strong,
But time and chance happens to them all
And God is the one that rewards all men
Helps us to attain to higher heights.

Moreover, through it all
The Creator was still patient with me
Immediately I ran back to Him
He opened His arms outstretched to me.

He accepted and strengthened me
Gave me the reason not to give up
On my dreams and plans
And also made me see the need
To totally rely and depend on Him
For guidance, instruction and direction
Regardless of how perfect my plans may be.

I am who I am today
By the grace of God
He gave me a second chance
And restored my wasted years.

Looking back to my wasted years
And where I am now
I can boldly say
His faithfulness kept me

Thank you Lord
For your faithfulness
In my life and career
In my family
And in the lives of my friends
And loved ones
As I trust and believe You
For greater things to come
In 2008 and beyond.

Johnson Kayode Kolade Jedidiah © December 31st 2007



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Writer Profile
Agent of Change International

A Social Entrepreneur, bagged a Bachelors of Science degree in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management from the University of Lagos, Certificate in Project Management 2005 (Brainbench Certified), Certificate in Entrepreneurial Development, Certificate in Computer Architecture and Networking and has attended series of other trainings. He has worked with managerial cadre of varied organizations he has served. Presently the Managing Consultant of Chain Link Concepts (a human capital development firm with passion for micro, small and medium enterprises ‘MSME’). He has consulted for Xcel Digital Solutions (a multimedia production firm), Higher Heights Communication (a media outfit) and Prisi’zn Concepts (a media outfit) amongst others. The President/Executive Director of Agents of Change International (an NGO) and presently the Program Coordinator on Education and Sport for People To People International, Nigeria (an international NGO). He has served on the leadership of various bodies. He is an Associate member of Nigerian Institute of Management (Chartered), Nigeria Industrial Relations Association (Graduate Membership) and Institute of Risk and Credit Management of Nigeria (Graduate Membership). I am a Mentor with ABC4All. Also a member of True Pioneers, Nigerian Professionals International (NiPRO) and some other non-governmental organizations. He is also a member of the training and development department of the Legacy Fellowship (Latter Rain Assembly).
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