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The nightmare which was not a dream Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by xxxx, United States Jan 22, 2008
Human Rights   Short Stories


The nightmare which was not a dream I had a dream in which little kids were crying, parents begging, fathers jailed, police officers dragging little kids in their cars as if they were little criminals. And the nightmare went on as I saw Refugees being abused and then some more divorced fathers begging to see their kids.

On the other side of the street I saw the Polish, French, Africans and many more foreigners crying badly as they lost their kids .And then I saw many depressed adults, alcoholics coming out of Foster Homes. And suddenly I saw kids taking drugs and committing suicide.

That dream was full of blood, tears and pains .I woke up and realized that it wasn’t a nightmare at all, that was the reality, and the human rights violations I have seen in Germany and have been carrying with me for many years.

I then took the pen and wrote this story as everyone in the world knows what it means to be abused and tortured. But the worst is when your voice is either stopped, blocked, not heard or even ignored as the Human Rights violations go on and on.



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Writer Profile

I am just a normal person who is aware of what is going on around me.
I am fighting for Human Rights in DEVELOPED COUNTRIES like Germany which has not even Peace treaty approved by UN and still violating many Human rights
Everyone in the world is concentrating on big issues like undeveloped or developing countries .
But what about Developed countries?
Who is caring for these countries and their violations on Human Rights??
No one, No media, No web space cuz everyone just wants to work on things which is well known already.
No one wants to get trouble with Germany as everyone knows what Gemany is able to do to the world's peace.
Still I am hoping to spread these news to the world to get help for the Victims before the next holocaust begings which has already started or better say, never stopped
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