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Love Beyond The Wall Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Wiaamj, Syria Jan 22, 2008
Culture , Human Rights , Peace & Conflict   Poetry


With bombs of silence, turned me apart
With storms of freedom's air, gathered me back
Never as it was, calling my name
Without meaning me
But had to, had to

“Stop killing people”, he said
Engaging with a documentary machine
More than engaging with real soul
To paint his own and saving the rest of his soil
Thought that if he shared with God's spirit an origin
He could redeem and condemn whoever he chose
But instead, "Wrong, Wrong" She screamed

A luxurious guilt complex makes him want to prove
That his people are killed by polluted hands
That his hands are purely looking for the truth
To fight with peace
And kill with a kiss

But never
His half identity was the strongest
To win the battle of Good and Evil

She called him with bloody screams
“Wish that I said it matters to be half evil identified
But angel nature was shown in your innocent eyes
With your gentle tender hold
Covering me from cold
With all, with all"

"I will fight with them
But you should fight against us both
You have been created for destructions
But acting with diplomatic behavior"
And then she cried
Tears every where for their children
She has been pregnant for three months with sadness
And she is still waiting for him to give them names



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Writer Profile

Speak what you feel might make change but never try to use your words as a killing gun, but as a candle for peace..

Riham Haji | Apr 20th, 2008
His half identity was the strongest To win the battle of Good and Evil (strong , nice Expression

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