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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Her Dark World Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Eric Agyei Twum, Ghana Jan 21, 2008
Human Rights   Poetry


Her Dark World She treads on a tortuous road.
The kitchen they've made her home.
Her plaintive tears that fall today
Will hardly keep them at bay.
She stands at the edge of a cliff.
All she can descry is a big future
But she can only catch just a whiff
Of the golden days and the big picture.
She sings the song of a lost child,
For she likens this world to none
But simply a cruel and unjust wild
That saves the best only for the son.
She knocks earnestly on knowledge's door
For walking through it she can stand tall
And savor the best of the years coming
But she pounds and hears nothing happen.
She walks a treacherous road this time.
They would wipe away her dreams
And cut her very worth to a dime
Will you sleep while she weeps?



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Writer Profile
Eric Agyei Twum

Eric Agyei Twum, 27 is passionate about inspiring young people in Ghana to take action for issues that border on human dignity, social & economic justice, environmental sustainability and youth leadership development.

Eric writes HER DARK WORLD as a call on Ghanaian society to avail itself to the educational needs of the girl child as way of promoting a greater future for itself and posterity.
The girl child still suffers discrimination in Ghana in terms of education. If this situation persists in your part of the world and you are concerned about bringing about change, then take a glance at HER DARK WORLD. You will not miss the inspiration !
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