Published on: Aug 25, 2003
Type: Opinions

Truly the ways of god are mysterious. Writing in his column in London’s Daily Mirror shortly after the death of the Russian dictator Josef Stalin celebrated remarked; “ He died in his bed”. This was the greatest coup that this man achieved in his life. If there was one single person who did not deserve to die in his bed, it was Josef Stalin.

If Lenin established what he wanted to be the first Utopian republic in the world, it was Josef Stalin that turned it into what the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill called the “evil empire behind an iron curtain”. It was he who developed the Russian Intelligence Organization, the KGB into a fearsome Organization.

During the eight years in power of IDI AMIN DADA, former head of state of Uganda, he massacred close to 500,000 of his countrymen and women. He left a record of extreme brutality, which has not been equaled, on the African continent since then. It was reported to have even personally bludgeoned many of them to death. He got the Anglican Archbishop of Uganda abducted from his church and killed. Many of his perceived critics were thrown into Entebbe River, which flowed into the Nile. He once said that one of his fantasies was to take Queen of England to bed. Indeed he was sure he would give a better account of himself than Prince Phillip would. One thing was obvious. He was in the habit of decorating his refrigerators with human parts and heads of his political enemies.

IDI AMIN DADA, after slaughtering all soldiers in the army he perceived as not being loyal to him, then decreed that all Ugandan Asians must leave Uganda within 90 days. With all British attempts to stop this lucrative attitude, proved abortive, the Britain gave the Asians Right of Aboard.

Reports came from agencies that the notorious former head of state IDI AMIN DADA had died of kidney failure in a Saudi hospital. If there was anyone who did not deserve to die in the sanitized environment like the hospital it was IDI AMIN. I would say that death and not God has been grossly unfair to IDI AMIN.

IDI AMIN had been living a comfortable exile in Saudi Arabia since 1978 when he was overthrown. He and his haven of women and countless children occupied a floor of Five star hotels for the first three years stay in Saudi with stolen funds from Uganda.

From my own perspective, IDI AMIN ought to have died in a plane crash his extra-large torso and chimpanzee – like head smashed into bits and pieces and strewn across a fire –mile radius. Otherwise he should have drowned in a big- lagoon, with his body washed into the sea to be eaten up by fatherless and motherless sharks and other dangerous sea inhabitants.

IDI AMIN ought to have had a stroke to paralyse major functions of his body and dropped into Amazon jungle by an aircraft where what the layers of fat under his skin, he would provided a wonderful dinner for Brazilian lions.

In conclusion, it remains one of the greatest ironies of history that monsters like IDI AMIN, FOODAY SANKOH, JOSEPH MOBUTU would die in the hospital bed rather than suffer the gruesome fate they truly deserve.

After all, Charles Taylor a sophisticated modern edition of IDI AMIN who has equally been responsible for the death of over 400,000 Liberians has been rescued just in time from the hand of LURD insurgents in Liberia and is now in five-star luxury exile enjoying the comforts of the Nigerian Presidential Guest house in Calabar, Nigeria.

On a final note, I want to submit by saying Truly, the ways of God are past finding out.


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