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by qassem, Jordan Jan 1, 2008
Media , Human Rights , Peace & Conflict   Poetry


What is that?
I can't understand.
The way is far from me, mad.
I am not a rock;
I am not a stone.
They tell me that I live to postpone.
All of you shut up and leave me alone!

My love is being shipped,
He is gone to bed
To lay down and be the color red.
Everything makes me alive
But humans make me dead.
Even if I try I won't survive.
I want to hold a sword,
Sacrifice my life but not have it sold.

My soul is expensive.
I refuse to go in front of the wind.
Don’t say that I am being defensive.
You don’t write to me, but want me to send…
The world is small and I’m still a child,
Nobody will listen to what I say.
So I won't talk about peace
I just want to be from my suffering released.

A bird told me that I would be free
If I acted like a man.
She insisted to me,
“Don’t behave like a lover or a fan;
You must wait.
Don’t worry, be strong.
You will be the best rated.
Discover what is wrong.
I’m not saying forget love; that would be a shame,
But be responsible and explain why they deserve the blame.”



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Writer Profile

Salam alekom. I am Qassem Ziedan from Jordan. I am studying Chemical Engineering and am participating here to learn others' opinions and to reflect on global issues and cultural exchange

heba | Mar 4th, 2008
WOW..touching,,keep posting

Nice words
Neda | Mar 18th, 2008
Really touching, But hey, whoever told you you were no rock? You will be the best rated, only that,to get there, you have to stumble ups and downs. Once you learn how to fall while ur still up on your feet, you're there, you're the best rated then. Keeeep it up!

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