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How can i create a positive change Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Ajimokunola Babatunde, Nigeria Dec 18, 2007
Culture , Human Rights   Opinions
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How can I create a positive change?

Hhmm…an effort aimed at answering this question is like that of a scientist trying to answer the question of life itself ─how did life evolve?

The complexity in the question “how can you create a positive change?” in its comparability can be substituted for “how can you create possibility out of impossibility?”

The obstacle is not how to create the change but how to accomplish the phenomenal task of preserving the change when it comes. And to answer this question, I will like to ask some questions; questions that are meant to be pondered on by a generation concerned with its future (if it has any) development.

Who can single-handedly create the positive change?

Me? Alas! An attempt to solve the problems posed to humanity my own way would simply portray me as living in the fool’s paradise. People have tried, yes; they have…men, women; the young, the old; genii; activists; moralists; preachers…they have tried to curb the imbalance in our society. But our defiant nature has made us unyielding. People with positive ideas and ideologies had stipulated, and they also gave us the portrait that can be used as yardstick to measure a purposeful life.

Recently, a national congress was held in Nigeria; it brought together people with perfect idealism who naturally could proffer un-delayed solution to our economic problems.

Was their effort fruitful? Or better still, was their efforts successful? Only time would tell.

From the above survey, therefore, a positive change requires concerted effort to be achieved. All hands must be on deck. For the desired positive change to be accomplished, we must hunger and thirst for it. We must be relentless, determined, focused and prayerful if we ever want a change. Or are you not fed-up with poverty? Do you seek unrest, militancy, war, famine and poor standard of living all the days of your life? Do you want to remain a refugee forever? Are you not tired of the prison wall?

What will be the portion of the homeless, the jobless, the neglected, the orphans and the stigmatized in the society? Or are you not concerned about their future? Maybe you prefer a console in death like our past compatriots, but I don’t.
A positive change refers to a symbolic transformation of lives and events into a wholesome standard. The role of a catalyst in breaking the ‘limitation energies’ imposed on our future is unutterable.

First, our youths need leadership orientation, seminars and conferences. Since garbage in will produce garbage out, we, children of this day and age, have the inbuilt tendency to be as corrupt as our parents.

For example in Africa, most of the leaders we have been having in this part of the world are opportunists, tyrants, embezzlers and dark minded leaders. Though they knew they are acquiring power for their own self-interest, they would promise heaven and earth before and during their election campaigns. They will promise to solve all our problems at once if elected. After their tenure might have elapsed, in which they would have failed woefully, they would refuse to vacate the seat of power for positive minded people. They prefer to hand-over power to crooked, inhumane, and heartless politicians that have a good working relationship with them. Thus, they continue to embezzle and lavish the money meant for the citizenry, consequently they impoverish their fellow countrymen. How then do we think we can make progress when these arbitrary leaders have form a network against us?

This same set of people has been leading our country for donkey years and we said we want development; if it’s not them, it’s their children; if it’s not their children, it’s their relation; if it’s not their relation, it’s their friends… and this continues in a cycle.

Enough is enough; we are tired of being strangers in our own land. Fraudulent election and electioneering must become a thing of the past. We will support democracy, not some egotistical politicians.

We have abundant riches in form of solid minerals, culture, ideas, and manpower. Our period of succumb to unpatriotic governance is over!

Also, in the quest to create a better world, all forms of direct and indirect discrimination, marginalization, and stigmatization against women must be abolished.

There must be prohibitions on sexist advertising, which ultimately demeans women as human beings. Since all humans are Homo sapiens, both men and women have the same human rights be it fundamental, “possessive” or “acquired” rights. Women should be given a chance to show their skills in political; economic; education; and financial matters. The term “weaker sex” should be abolished, and women must be given the freedom to make meaningful contributions in the society as the equals of men anytime and anyplace.
No single country in the world has a perfect diplomatic relationship with all other countries on the globe.

Individual differences; religious diversity; colour of the skin; race and language are the criteria we use to establish “diplomatic symbiosis” with other countries. In fact most country has no mutual relationship with her neighbouring countries.

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Ajimokunola Babatunde

MY WEBSITE IS WWW.tundeweavers.netfirms.com
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