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Laughter is the best medicine! Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Anup, India Dec 4, 2007
Health   Opinions


When a child is born, he or she cries, and after saying adieus amigos to this green planet at the end of life, it is the world that cries after him. But in between there are intervals (incase they stay long enough to live as a normal human being), when they laugh and makes the world also laugh with them. Laughter and humor are part and parcel of a good living and without it; life would be too boring to bear. It comes to us so naturally that perhaps it is the simplest facial expression that takes only 7 muscles as compared to 43 when you frown.

A sense of humor is what holds things together when everything is falling apart. It is the easiest way to get rid of tricky situations in life. You can even use it as a tool to break the ice between people by saying something humorous to a person so that they are not hurt. Humor adds a whole new dimension to your working environment as it creates laughter which helps in breaking the monotony of work, especially if the work is getting to be repetitive and boring. While discussing a serious or problematic issue, a little humor can also help one approach the problem in a fresh manner and sometimes even facilitate creativity.

Humor is a great tool for team building. People who laugh together create a rapport that makes working together easy. Humor, in most cases, facilitates better communication because it can help break the ice and create a sense of camaraderie, not only among team members but also between a manager and his subordinates. A manager becomes more approachable if he or she can laugh with the team.

Humor can also act as a morale booster and create a sense of well being in an otherwise anxiety ridden workplace. It makes the workplace better and the employee feels joy in coming to work even if he has to tackle tough work.

How then, do we create humor? Humor and logic are never separate from one another. In fact one has to be logically illogical or illogically logical to create humorous situation. Humor is a sudden fall of logic in some cases, or if there is something fallacious in logic, then we can try to laugh with the people and not at the people.

Generally, best kind of humor is when it is directed at oneself, which means when you make yourself the centre of attack. One should also try to look at difficult situations in a lighter way; this helps one to think better and reduces stress. Always remember not to make situations too complicated, since while humor is good, foolishness is not. Everyone must know when to stop and always be wary of the circumstances, environment and people around you, for instance, take note not to crack a joke when you are at funeral.

So try to encourage laughter, sharing of jokes and a general light-hearted attitude at work. The benefits are many; laughter makes one more productive, encourages creativity, reduces anxiety and most importantly creates a positive attitude at the workplace.

“A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs. It's jolted by every pebble on the road" (Anonymous).



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