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Life's Full of Ups and Downs Printable Version PRINTABLE VERSION
by Pedus, Australia Dec 2, 2007
Media , Culture , Health   Poetry


Life’s full of ups and downs
Like all nature’s gifts
Life is not a golden prism
It is full of ups and downs
From pinnacles to valleys
It is a rugged, endless plight
From birth to death, life is a journey
Of indeterminate gravity
Conception comes the good news
Of a new life to come
Then the pain and joy of pregnancy
That ushers in life anew
The tears of joy overflow ashore
As the baby emerges afresh
And the cry awakes the mother’s love
But the honeymoon is short-lived
As man is born to suffer
Must strive and toil
A restitution that must be paid
From our birth to our death
Life is full of ups and downs



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Writer Profile

I was born in Nigeria and was educated in Nigeria, USA and Australia. I am the founder and president of Christina-Mae Recruitment Consortium Australia and the author of the book "When Things Go Wrong: Concepts of Change". I am also the co-founder of Child Aid Survival and Development International (CASDI). As a freelance journalist, I have contributed to a number of professional journals and newspapers, as well as worked in a number of e-journalism projects. I have traveled extensively and currently call Australia and the USA home with extensive involvement in African Human Rights issues.
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